1. having a relatively high resistance to flow

    Synonyms : syrupy
  2. having the sticky properties of an adhesive

    Synonyms : gluey, glutinous, gummy, mucilaginous, pasty, sticky, viscid


  1. not wanted

    Synonyms : unwanted
    Antonyms : desirable
    Examples :
    • undesirable impurities in steel
    • legislation excluding undesirable aliens
  2. not worthy of being chosen (especially as a spouse)

    Synonyms : unsuitable
  3. one whose presence is undesirable

    Type Of : persona non grata, unwelcome person
    Examples :
    • rounding up vagrants and drunks and other undesirables


  1. a verb (or verb construction) that does not take an object

    Synonyms : intransitive verb, intransitive verb form
    Type Of : verb
  2. designating a verb that does not require or cannot take a direct object

    Antonyms : transitive


  1. a very large urban complex (usually involving several cities and towns)

    Type Of : populated area, urban area


  1. clarify by giving an example of

    Synonyms : illustrate, instance
    Type Of : lucubrate, enlarge, expand, expatiate, exposit, expound, flesh out, dilate, elaborate
  2. be characteristic of

    Synonyms : represent
    Type Of : be, embody, personify


  1. compensation paid (to someone) for damages or losses or money already spent etc.

    Type Of : compensation
    Examples :
    • he received reimbursement for his travel expenses


  1. quick or skillful or adept in action or thought

    Antonyms : maladroit
    Examples :
    • an exceptionally adroit pianist
    • an adroit technician
    • his adroit replies to hecklers won him many followers
    • an adroit negotiator


  1. a following of one thing after another in time

    Synonyms : chronological sequence, chronological succession, sequence, successiveness
    Type Of : temporal order, temporal arrangement
  2. acquisition of property by descent or by will

    Synonyms : taking over
    Type Of : acquisition
  3. the action of following in order

    Synonyms : sequence
    Type Of : order, ordering
  4. (ecology) the gradual and orderly process of change in an ecosystem brought about by the progressive replacement of one community by another until a stable climax is established

    Synonyms : ecological succession
    Type Of : activity, natural action, natural process, action
  5. a group of people or things arranged or following in order

    Type Of : series
    Examples :
    • a succession of stalls offering soft drinks
    • a succession of failures


  1. someone who has insufficient assets to cover their debts

    Synonyms : bankrupt
    Type Of : failure, loser, nonstarter, unsuccessful person
  2. unable to meet or discharge financial obligations

    Antonyms : solvent
    Examples :
    • an insolvent person
    • an insolvent estate


  1. (of language) transparently clear; easily understandable

    Synonyms : crystal clear, limpid, luculent, pellucid, perspicuous
    Examples :
    • lucid directions
    • pellucid prose
  2. transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity

    Synonyms : crystal clear, crystalline, limpid, pellucid, transparent
    Examples :
    • lucid air
    • a pellucid brook
  3. capable of thinking and expressing yourself in a clear and consistent manner

    Synonyms : coherent, logical
    Examples :
    • a lucid thinker
  4. having a clear mind

    Examples :
    • a lucid moment in his madness