1. exchange or buy back for money; under threat

    Synonyms : redeem
    Type Of : interchange, change, exchange
  2. money demanded for the return of a captured person

    Synonyms : ransom money
    Type Of : cost
  3. payment for the release of someone

    Type Of : payment, defrayment, defrayal
  4. the act of freeing from captivity or punishment

    Type Of : recovery, retrieval


  1. withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility

    Synonyms : abandonment, desertion
    Type Of : withdrawal
  2. the state of having rejected your religious beliefs or your political party or a cause (often in favor of opposing beliefs or causes)

    Synonyms : apostasy, renunciation
    Type Of : rejection


  1. a short light gust of air

    Synonyms : puff, puff of air
    Type Of : gust, blast, blow
  2. perceive by inhaling through the nose

    Synonyms : sniff
    Type Of : smell
  3. smoke and exhale strongly

    Synonyms : puff
    Type Of : smoke
    Examples :
    • whiff a pipe
  4. a lefteye flounder found in coastal waters from New England to Brazil

    Type Of : lefteyed flounder, lefteye flounder
  5. a strikeout resulting from the batter swinging at and missing the ball for the third strike

    Type Of : strikeout
  6. drive or carry as if by a puff of air

    Type Of : blow
    Examples :
    • The gust of air whiffed away the clouds
  7. strike out by swinging and missing the pitch charged as the third

    Type Of : strike out
  8. utter with a puff of air

    Type Of : speak, mouth, utter, verbalise, verbalize, talk
    Examples :
    • whiff out a prayer


  1. a prominent attribute or aspect of something

    Synonyms : characteristic
    Type Of : property, dimension, attribute
    Examples :
    • the map showed roads and other features
  2. the principal (full-length) film in a program at a movie theater

    Synonyms : feature film
    Type Of : film, flick, motion-picture show, motion picture, movie, moving-picture show, moving picture, pic, picture, picture show
    Examples :
    • the feature tonight is `Casablanca'
  3. (linguistics) a distinctive characteristic of a linguistic unit that serves to distinguish it from other units of the same kind

    Synonyms : feature of speech
    Type Of : attribute, property, dimension
  4. have as a feature

    Synonyms : have
    Examples :
    • This restaurant features the most famous chefs in France
  5. a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine

    Synonyms : feature article
    Type Of : article
    Examples :
    • they ran a feature on retirement planning
  6. wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner

    Synonyms : boast, sport
    Type Of : have
  7. the characteristic parts of a person's face: eyes and nose and mouth and chin

    Synonyms : lineament
    Type Of : body part
    Examples :
    • an expression of pleasure crossed his features
  8. an article of merchandise that is displayed or advertised more than other articles

    Type Of : merchandise, ware, product


  1. weed out unwanted or unnecessary things

    Synonyms : cut, rationalise, rationalize
    Type Of : eliminate, extinguish, get rid of, do away with
  2. cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of

    Synonyms : clip, crop, cut back, dress, lop, snip, trim
    Type Of : thin out
  3. dried plum

    Type Of : dried fruit


  1. comparatives of `soon' or `early'

    Synonyms : sooner
    Examples :
    • came earlier than I expected
  2. (comparative and superlative of `early') more early than; most early

    Synonyms : earliest
    Examples :
    • a fashion popular in earlier times
    • his earlier work reflects the influence of his teacher
  3. earlier in time; previously

    Synonyms : before
    Examples :
    • he called me the day before but your call had come even earlier
    • her parents had died four years earlier
    • I mentioned that problem earlier
  4. before now

    Synonyms : in the beginning, in the first place, originally, to begin with


  1. an attendant on an airplane

    Synonyms : flight attendant
    Type Of : attendant, attender, tender
  2. one having charge of buildings or grounds or animals

    Synonyms : custodian, keeper
    Type Of : guardian, defender, protector, shielder
  3. a union member who is elected to represent fellow workers in negotiating with management

    Synonyms : shop steward
    Type Of : union representative
  4. someone who manages property or other affairs for someone else

    Type Of : fiduciary
  5. the ship's officer who is in charge of provisions and dining arrangements

    Type Of : officer, ship's officer


  1. the significance of a story or event

    Synonyms : lesson
    Type Of : meaning, significance, import, signification
    Examples :
    • the moral of the story is to love thy neighbor
  2. concerned with principles of right and wrong or conforming to standards of behavior and character based on those principles

    Antonyms : immoral
    Examples :
    • moral sense
    • a moral scrutiny
    • a moral lesson
    • a moral quandary
    • moral convictions
    • a moral life
  3. psychological rather than physical or tangible in effect

    Examples :
    • a moral victory
    • moral support


  1. an act of deliberate betrayal

    Synonyms : betrayal, perfidy, treason
    Type Of : knavery, dishonesty
  2. betrayal of a trust

    Synonyms : perfidiousness, perfidy
    Type Of : disloyalty


  1. great merriment

    Synonyms : glee, gleefulness, hilarity, mirthfulness
    Type Of : gaiety, merriment