1. make payment to; compensate

    Synonyms : compensate, recompense
    Type Of : pay
    Examples :
    • My efforts were not remunerated


  1. the act of suffocating (someone) by constricting the windpipe

    Synonyms : choking, strangling, strangulation
    Type Of : asphyxiation, suffocation


  1. a communal dining-hall (usually in a monastery)

    Type Of : dining-hall


  1. incapable of being perceived by the senses especially the sense of touch

    Synonyms : impalpable
    Antonyms : tangible
    Examples :
    • the intangible constituent of energy
  2. lacking substance or reality; incapable of being touched or seen

    Synonyms : nonphysical
    Examples :
    • that intangible thing--the soul
  3. assets that are saleable though not material or physical

    Synonyms : intangible asset
    Type Of : assets
  4. hard to pin down or identify

    Examples :
    • an intangible feeling of impending disaster
  5. (of especially business assets) not having physical substance or intrinsic productive value

    Antonyms : tangible
    Examples :
    • intangible assets such as good will


  1. become tight or as if tight

    Synonyms : constringe, narrow
    Type Of : tighten
    Examples :
    • Her throat constricted
  2. squeeze or press together

    Synonyms : compact, compress, contract, press, squeeze
    Type Of : tighten


  1. someone with an irrational urge to steal in the absence of an economic motive

    Type Of : appropriator


  1. of a mental act performed entirely within the mind

    Synonyms : subjective
    Antonyms : transeunt
    Examples :
    • a cognition is an immanent act of mind
  2. of qualities that are spread throughout something

    Examples :
    • ambition is immanent in human nature
    • we think of God as immanent in nature


  1. someone who prays to God

    Synonyms : prayer
    Type Of : religious person
  2. humbly entreating

    Synonyms : suppliant, supplicatory
  3. one praying humbly for something

    Synonyms : petitioner, requester, suppliant
    Type Of : applicant, applier


  1. in a systematic or consistent manner

    Synonyms : consistently
    Antonyms : unsystematically
    Examples :
    • they systematically excluded women


  1. involving distinctions based on qualities

    Antonyms : quantitative
    Examples :
    • qualitative change
    • qualitative data
    • qualitative analysis determines the chemical constituents of a substance or mixture
  2. relating to or involving comparisons based on qualities