1. a message that departs from the main subject

    Synonyms : aside, digression, divagation, excursus
    Type Of : content, message, subject matter, substance
  2. either of two punctuation marks (or) used to enclose textual material

    Type Of : punctuation, punctuation mark


  1. of or relating to or being biography

    Synonyms : biographic
    Examples :
    • biographical data


  1. characterized by great caution and wariness

    Synonyms : cagey, cagy
    Examples :
    • chary of the risks involved
    • a chary investor


  1. showing or representing to advantage

    Antonyms : unflattering
    Examples :
    • a flattering color


  1. a storm during which hail falls

    Type Of : storm, violent storm


  1. a republic in central Europe; the invasion of Poland by Germany in 1939 started World War II

    Synonyms : polska, republic of poland


  1. draw slowly or heavily

    Synonyms : cart, drag, hale
    Type Of : pull, draw
    Examples :
    • haul stones
    • haul nets
  2. the quantity that was caught

    Synonyms : catch
    Type Of : indefinite quantity
  3. the act of drawing or hauling something

    Synonyms : draw, haulage
    Type Of : pulling, pull
    Examples :
    • the haul up the hill went very slowly
  4. transport in a vehicle

    Type Of : transport, carry
    Examples :
    • haul stones from the quarry in a truck
    • haul vegetables to the market


  1. (computer science) indicator consisting of a movable spot of light (an icon) on a visual display; moving it allows the user to point to commands or screen positions

    Synonyms : pointer
    Type Of : indicator


  1. in a place across an ocean

    Synonyms : abroad
  2. beyond or across the sea

    Synonyms : oversea
    Examples :
    • He lived overseas for many years
  3. in a foreign country

    Synonyms : abroad
    Examples :
    • overseas markets
  4. being or passing over or across the sea

    Synonyms : oversea
    Examples :
    • some overseas trade in grain arose


  1. have an argument about something

    Synonyms : argue, contend, debate
    Type Of : converse, discourse
  2. enclose with a fence

    Synonyms : fence in
    Type Of : enclose, shut in, inclose, close in
    Examples :
    • we fenced in our yard
  3. a barrier that serves to enclose an area

    Synonyms : fencing
    Type Of : barrier
  4. surround with a wall in order to fortify

    Synonyms : fence in, palisade, surround, wall
    Type Of : protect
  5. a dealer in stolen property

    Type Of : bargainer, dealer, monger, trader
  6. fight with fencing swords

    Type Of : fight, struggle, contend
  7. receive stolen goods

    Type Of : have, receive