1. excessively fat

    Synonyms : corpulent, obese, rotund
    Examples :
    • a weighty man
  2. powerfully persuasive

    Synonyms : cogent, telling
    Examples :
    • a weighty argument
  3. of great gravity or crucial import; requiring serious thought

    Synonyms : grave, grievous, heavy
    Examples :
    • the weighty matters to be discussed at the peace conference
  4. weighing heavily on the spirit; causing anxiety or worry

    Examples :
    • weighty problems
  5. having relatively great weight; heavy

    Antonyms : weightless
    Examples :
    • a weighty load
    • a weighty package


  1. (behavioral attributes) the way a person behaves toward other people

    Synonyms : behavior, behaviour, conduct, demeanor, deportment
    Type Of : trait


  1. total destruction

    Synonyms : disintegration
    Type Of : wipeout, demolition, destruction
    Examples :
    • bomb tests resulted in the annihilation of the atoll
  2. destruction by annihilating something

    Synonyms : obliteration
    Type Of : destruction, devastation


  1. bulbous plant having hollow leaves cultivated worldwide for its rounded edible bulb

    Synonyms : allium cepa, onion plant
    Type Of : alliaceous plant
  2. an aromatic flavorful vegetable

    Type Of : veg, veggie, vegetable
  3. the bulb of an onion plant

    Type Of : bulb


  1. lock up or confine, in or as in a jail

    Synonyms : gaol, immure, imprison, jail, jug, lag, put away, put behind bars, remand
    Type Of : confine, detain
    Examples :
    • the murderer was incarcerated for the rest of his life


  1. an artifact that is one of the individual parts of which a composite entity is made up; especially a part that can be separated from or attached to a system

    Synonyms : component, element
    Type Of : portion, part
    Examples :
    • a component or constituent element of a system
  2. an abstract part of something

    Synonyms : component, element, factor, ingredient
    Type Of : division, section, part
    Examples :
    • two constituents of a musical composition are melody and harmony
  3. something determined in relation to something that includes it

    Synonyms : component, component part, part, portion
    Type Of : relation
    Examples :
    • the animal constituent of plankton
  4. constitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup)

    Synonyms : constitutional, constitutive, organic
  5. (grammar) a word or phrase or clause forming part of a larger grammatical construction

    Synonyms : grammatical constituent
    Type Of : syntagma, syntagm
  6. a member of a constituency; a citizen who is represented in a government by officials for whom he or she votes

    Type Of : elector, voter
    Examples :
    • needs continued support by constituents to be re-elected


  1. a large and stately mansion

    Synonyms : palace
    Type Of : manse, residence, hall, mansion house, mansion
  2. (chess) the piece that can move any number of unoccupied squares in a direction parallel to the sides of the chessboard

    Synonyms : rook
    Type Of : chess piece, chessman
  3. interchanging the positions of the king and a rook

    Synonyms : castling
    Type Of : chess move
  4. a large building formerly occupied by a ruler and fortified against attack

    Type Of : munition, fortification
  5. move the king two squares toward a rook and in the same move the rook to the square next past the king

    Type Of : go, move


  1. lean in a comfortable resting position

    Synonyms : recumb, repose
    Type Of : lie
  2. move the upper body backwards and down

    Synonyms : lean back
    Type Of : tip, lean, angle, slant, tilt
  3. cause to recline

    Type Of : pose, put, lay, set, position, place
    Examples :
    • She reclined her head on the pillow


  1. persistent determination

    Synonyms : doggedness, perseverance, persistence, persistency, pertinacity, tenaciousness
    Type Of : determination, purpose

shrug off

  1. minimize the importance of, brush aside

    Type Of : brush aside, brush off, discount, dismiss, disregard, ignore, push aside