1. a lavish dance requiring formal attire

    Synonyms : ball
    Type Of : dance
  2. represented in simplified or symbolic form

    Synonyms : conventional, schematic
  3. a gown for evening wear

    Synonyms : dinner dress, dinner gown, evening gown
    Type Of : gown, formalwear, evening clothes, evening dress, eveningwear
  4. refined or imposing in manner or appearance; befitting a royal court

    Synonyms : courtly, stately
  5. being in accord with established forms and conventions and requirements (as e.g. of formal dress)

    Antonyms : informal
    Examples :
    • pay one's formal respects
    • formal dress
    • a formal ball
    • the requirement was only formal and often ignored
    • a formal education
  6. characteristic of or befitting a person in authority

    Examples :
    • formal duties
  7. logically deductive

    Examples :
    • formal proof
  8. (of spoken and written language) adhering to traditional standards of correctness and without casual, contracted, and colloquial forms

    Antonyms : informal
    Examples :
    • the paper was written in formal English