1. sing by changing register; sing by yodeling

    Synonyms : descant, warble
    Type Of : sing
    Examples :
    • The Austrians were yodeling in the mountains
  2. a songlike cry in which the voice fluctuates rapidly between the normal voice and falsetto

    Type Of : call, cry, outcry, shout, vociferation, yell


  1. an expensive vessel propelled by sail or power and used for cruising or racing

    Synonyms : racing yacht
    Type Of : vessel, watercraft
  2. travel in a yacht

    Type Of : boat


  1. the time that has elapsed

    Synonyms : past, past times
    Type Of : time


  1. used after a superlative

    Synonyms : so far
    Examples :
    • the largest drug bust yet
  2. to a greater degree or extent; used with comparisons

    Synonyms : even, still
    Examples :
    • a yet sadder tale
  3. despite anything to the contrary (usually preceding a concession)

    Synonyms : all the same, at the same time, even so, however, nevertheless, nonetheless, notwithstanding, still, withal
    Examples :
    • he was a stern yet fair master
  4. within an indefinite time or at an unspecified future time

    Synonyms : in time
    Examples :
    • he longed for the flowers that were yet to show themselves
  5. used in negative statement to describe a situation that has existed up to this point or up to the present time

    Synonyms : as yet, heretofore, hitherto, so far, thus far, til now, until now, up to now
    Examples :
    • the sun isn't up yet


  1. a branch of the Tai languages

    Type Of : tai


  1. the act of conceding or yielding

    Synonyms : conceding, concession
    Type Of : assent, acquiescence
  2. a verbal act of admitting defeat

    Synonyms : giving up, surrender
    Type Of : relinquishing, relinquishment
  3. inclined to yield to argument or influence or control

    Examples :
    • a timid yielding person
  4. lacking stiffness and giving way to pressure

    Examples :
    • a deep yielding layer of foam rubber
  5. tending to give in or surrender or agree

    Examples :
    • too yielding to make a stand against any encroachments


  1. utter a sudden loud cry

    Synonyms : call, cry, holler, hollo, scream, shout, shout out, squall
    Type Of : emit, utter, let out, let loose
    Examples :
    • I yelled to her from the window but she couldn't hear me
  2. utter or declare in a very loud voice

    Synonyms : scream
    Type Of : shout
    Examples :
    • You don't have to yell--I can hear you just fine
  3. a loud utterance of emotion (especially when inarticulate)

    Synonyms : cry
    Type Of : utterance, vocalization
    Examples :
    • a yell of pain
  4. a loud utterance; often in protest or opposition

    Synonyms : call, cry, outcry, shout, vociferation
    Type Of : utterance, vocalization


  1. (of crops) harvested at an early stage of development; before complete maturity

    Synonyms : new
    Examples :
    • young corn
  2. United States civil rights leader (1921-1971)

    Synonyms : whitney moore young jr., whitney young
  3. United States religious leader of the Mormon Church after the assassination of Joseph Smith; he led the Mormon exodus from Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah (1801-1877)

    Synonyms : brigham young
  4. British physicist and Egyptologist; he revived the wave theory of light and proposed a three-component theory of color vision; he also played an important role in deciphering the hieroglyphics on the Rosetta Stone (1773-1829)

    Synonyms : thomas young
  5. suggestive of youth; vigorous and fresh

    Synonyms : vernal, youthful
    Examples :
    • he is young for his age
  6. United States baseball player and famous pitcher (1867-1955)

    Synonyms : cy young, danton true young
  7. United States film and television actress (1913-2000)

    Synonyms : loretta young
  8. any immature animal

    Synonyms : offspring
    Type Of : beast, fauna, creature, brute, animal, animate being
  9. young people collectively

    Synonyms : youth
    Antonyms : aged
    Type Of : age bracket, age group, cohort
    Examples :
    • rock music appeals to the young
  10. (used of living things especially persons) in an early period of life or development or growth

    Synonyms : immature
    Antonyms : old
    Examples :
    • young people
  11. not tried or tested by experience

    Synonyms : unseasoned, untested, untried
    Examples :
    • a young hand at plowing
  12. English poet (1683-1765)

    Synonyms : edward young
  13. United States jazz tenor saxophonist (1909-1959)

    Synonyms : lester willis young, pres young
  14. being in its early stage

    Examples :
    • a young industry
    • the day is still young


  1. a young person of either sex

    Synonyms : child, fry, kid, minor, nestling, nipper, shaver, small fry, tiddler, tike, tyke
    Type Of : juvenile person, juvenile
    Examples :
    • `tiddler' is a British term for youngster


  1. the income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property

    Synonyms : issue, payoff, proceeds, return, take, takings
    Type Of : income
  2. be the cause or source of

    Synonyms : afford, give
    Type Of : supply, render, provide, furnish
  3. end resistance, as under pressure or force

    Synonyms : give way
    Type Of : change
    Examples :
    • The door yielded to repeated blows with a battering ram
  4. move in order to make room for someone for something

    Synonyms : ease up, give, give way, move over
    Type Of : move
  5. consent reluctantly

    Synonyms : buckle under, give in, knuckle under, succumb
    Type Of : go for, consent, accept
  6. give or supply

    Synonyms : generate, give, render, return
    Type Of : produce, create, make
    Examples :
    • This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn
  7. be flexible under stress of physical force

    Synonyms : give
    Type Of : stretch
  8. give in, as to influence or pressure

    Synonyms : relent, soften
    Antonyms : stand
  9. give over; surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another

    Synonyms : cede, concede, grant
    Type Of : give
  10. the quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time)

    Synonyms : output, production
    Type Of : indefinite quantity
  11. be willing to concede

    Synonyms : concede, grant
    Type Of : agree, concord, concur, hold
  12. bring in

    Synonyms : bear, pay
    Type Of : earn, take in, bring in, realise, gain, pull in, clear, make, realize
  13. production of a certain amount

    Synonyms : output
    Type Of : production
  14. an amount of a product

    Synonyms : fruit
    Type Of : product, production
  15. be fatally overwhelmed

    Synonyms : succumb
    Type Of : buy the farm, cash in one's chips, choke, conk, croak, decease, die, drop dead, exit, expire, give-up the ghost, go, kick the bucket, pass, pass away, perish, pop off, snuff it
  16. cause to happen or be responsible for

    Synonyms : give
    Type Of : make, create
  17. cease opposition; stop fighting