1. a legal document declaring a person's wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die

    Synonyms : testament
    Type Of : legal instrument, instrument, legal document, official document
  2. the capability of conscious choice and decision and intention

    Synonyms : volition
    Type Of : mental faculty, faculty, module
  3. leave or give by will after one's death

    Synonyms : bequeath, leave
    Type Of : gift, present, give
  4. a fixed and persistent intent or purpose

    Type Of : purpose, intent, design, intention, aim
    Examples :
    • where there's a will there's a way
  5. decree or ordain

    Type Of : ordain
    Examples :
    • God wills our existence
  6. determine by choice

    Type Of : determine, make up one's mind, decide
    Examples :
    • This action was willed and intended


  1. have and exercise

    Synonyms : exert, maintain
    Type Of : hold, have got, have
    Examples :
    • wield power and authority
  2. handle effectively

    Synonyms : handle, manage
    Type Of : manipulate
    Examples :
    • The burglar wielded an axe


  1. in a manner affording benefit or advantage

    Synonyms : advantageously
    Antonyms : badly
    Examples :
    • she married well
  2. (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well')

    Synonyms : good
    Antonyms : ill
    Examples :
    • the children behaved well
    • a task well done
    • the party went well
    • he slept well
    • a well-argued thesis
    • a well-seasoned dish
    • a well-planned party
  3. indicating high probability; in all likelihood

    Synonyms : easily
    Examples :
    • I might well do it
    • you may well need your umbrella
    • he could equally well be trying to deceive us
  4. resulting favorably

    Synonyms : good
    Examples :
    • it is well that no one saw you
    • all's well that ends well
  5. to a great extent or degree

    Synonyms : considerably, substantially
    Examples :
    • I'm afraid the film was well over budget
  6. an abundant source

    Synonyms : fountainhead, wellspring
    Type Of : source
    Examples :
    • she was a well of information
  7. with great or especially intimate knowledge

    Synonyms : intimately
    Examples :
    • we knew them well
  8. come up, as of a liquid

    Synonyms : swell
    Type Of : surface, come up, rise, rise up
    Examples :
    • Tears well in her eyes
    • the currents well up
  9. in financial comfort

    Synonyms : comfortably
    Examples :
    • They live well
  10. a cavity or vessel used to contain liquid

    Type Of : vessel
  11. a deep hole or shaft dug or drilled to obtain water or oil or gas or brine

    Type Of : excavation
  12. an enclosed compartment in a ship or plane for holding something as e.g. fish or a plane's landing gear or for protecting something as e.g. a ship's pumps

    Type Of : compartment
  13. an open shaft through the floors of a building (as for a stairway)

    Type Of : shaft
  14. in good health especially after having suffered illness or injury

    Antonyms : ill
    Examples :
    • appears to be entirely well
    • the wound is nearly well
    • a well man
    • I think I'm well; at least I feel well
  15. (used for emphasis or as an intensifier) entirely or fully

    Examples :
    • a book well worth reading
    • was well aware of the difficulties ahead
    • suspected only too well what might be going on
  16. wise or advantageous and hence advisable

    Examples :
    • it would be well to start early
  17. favorably; with approval

    Antonyms : ill
    Examples :
    • their neighbors spoke well of them
    • he thought well of the book
  18. with skill or in a pleasing manner

    Antonyms : badly
    Examples :
    • she dances well
    • he writes well
  19. without unusual distress or resentment; with good humor

    Antonyms : badly
    Examples :
    • took the joke well
    • took the tragic news well


  1. an inexpensive fipple flute

    Synonyms : pennywhistle, tin whistle
    Type Of : recorder, vertical flute, fipple flute, fipple pipe
  2. make a whining, ringing, or whistling sound

    Synonyms : sing
    Type Of : sound, go
  3. the sound made by something moving rapidly or by steam coming out of a small aperture

    Synonyms : whistling
    Type Of : sound
  4. the act of signalling (e.g., summoning) by whistling or blowing a whistle

    Synonyms : whistling
    Type Of : signaling, signal, sign
    Examples :
    • the whistle signalled the end of the game
  5. acoustic device that forces air or steam against an edge or into a cavity and so produces a loud shrill sound

    Type Of : acoustic device, signaling device
  6. a small wind instrument that produces a whistling sound by blowing into it

    Type Of : wind, wind instrument
  7. give a signal by whistling

    Type Of : signal, sign, signalize, signalise
    Examples :
    • She whistled for her maid
  8. make whistling sounds

    Type Of : go, sound
  9. move, send, or bring as if by whistling

    Type Of : move, displace
    Examples :
    • Her optimism whistled away these worries
  10. move with, or as with, a whistling sound

    Type Of : travel, go, locomote, move
    Examples :
    • The bullets whistled past him
  11. utter or express by whistling

    Type Of : intercommunicate, communicate
    Examples :
    • She whistled a melody


  1. a means of flight or ascent

    Type Of : agency, means, way
    Examples :
    • necessity lends wings to inspiration
  2. stylized bird wings worn as an insignia by qualified pilots or air crew members

    Type Of : insignia


  1. vocally expressing grief or sorrow or resembling such expression

    Synonyms : lamenting, wailful
    Examples :
    • wailing mourners
    • the wailing wind
  2. loud cries made while weeping

    Synonyms : bawling
    Type Of : crying, tears, weeping


  1. a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition

    Synonyms : patch, piece, spell
    Type Of : time
    Examples :
    • he was here for a little while


  1. showing curiosity

    Synonyms : inquisitive, questioning, speculative


  1. a person who is physically weak and ineffectual

    Synonyms : doormat, wuss
    Type Of : mortal, individual, somebody, someone, soul, person


  1. the trait of acting unpredictably and more from whim or caprice than from reason or judgment

    Synonyms : arbitrariness, capriciousness, flightiness, whimsey, whimsicality
    Type Of : irresponsibility, irresponsibleness
  2. an odd or fanciful or capricious idea

    Synonyms : notion, whim, whimsey
    Type Of : idea, thought
    Examples :
    • he had a whimsy about flying to the moon
    • whimsy can be humorous to someone with time to enjoy it