1. having no beneficial use or incapable of functioning usefully

    Antonyms : useful
    Examples :
    • a kitchen full of useless gadgets
    • she is useless in an emergency


  1. being of use or service

    Synonyms : utile
    Antonyms : useless
    Examples :
    • the girl felt motherly and useful
    • a useful job
    • a useful member of society
  2. having a useful function

    Synonyms : utilitarian


  1. not yet discovered

    Synonyms : unexplored
    Examples :
    • undiscovered islands
  2. not discovered

    Examples :
    • with earth-based telescopes many stars remain undiscovered


  1. disturb the composure of

    Synonyms : enervate, faze, unnerve
    Type Of : discomfit, discompose, disconcert, untune, upset


  1. lacking systematic arrangement or method or organization

    Antonyms : systematic
    Examples :
    • unsystematic and fragmentary records
    • he works in an unsystematic manner


  1. mammary gland of bovids (cows and sheep and goats)

    Synonyms : bag
    Type Of : mamma, mammary gland


  1. not able or fit to be repeated or quoted

    Synonyms : unquotable
    Antonyms : repeatable
  2. unique

    Examples :
    • dogs and mice and flies are as unrepeatable as men are


  1. lacking material form or substance; unreal

    Synonyms : insubstantial, unreal


  1. not mindful or attentive

    Synonyms : forgetful, mindless
    Antonyms : mindful
    Examples :
    • while thus unmindful of his steps he stumbled
  2. (followed by `to' or `of') lacking conscious awareness of

    Synonyms : oblivious
    Examples :
    • not unmindful of the heavy responsibility


  1. someone employed to conduct others

    Synonyms : guide
    Type Of : escort
  2. take (someone) to their seats, as in theaters or auditoriums

    Synonyms : show
    Type Of : direct, guide, lead, take, conduct
    Examples :
    • The usher showed us to our seats
  3. an official stationed at the entrance of a courtroom or legislative chamber

    Synonyms : doorkeeper
    Type Of : official, functionary
  4. Irish prelate who deduced from the Bible that Creation occurred in the year 4004 BC (1581-1656)

    Synonyms : james usher, james ussher, ussher