1. someone who walks about in their sleep

    Synonyms : noctambulist, sleepwalker
    Type Of : sleeper, slumberer


  1. make a solicitation or entreaty for something; request urgently or persistently

    Synonyms : beg, tap
    Type Of : bespeak, call for, request, quest, ask for
    Examples :
    • Henry IV solicited the Pope for a divorce
    • My neighbor keeps soliciting money for different charities
  2. approach with an offer of sexual favors

    Synonyms : accost, hook
    Type Of : offer
    Examples :
    • he was solicited by a prostitute
    • The young man was caught soliciting in the park
  3. make amorous advances towards

    Synonyms : court, romance, woo
    Type Of : move, act
  4. incite, move, or persuade to some act of lawlessness or insubordination

    Type Of : stimulate, cause, get, have, induce, make
    Examples :
    • He was accused of soliciting his colleagues to destroy the documents
  5. make a solicitation or petition for something desired

    Type Of : ask
    Examples :
    • She is too shy to solicit


  1. give moral or emotional strength to

    Synonyms : comfort, console, soothe
  2. the comfort you feel when consoled in times of disappointment

    Synonyms : consolation, solacement
    Type Of : comfort
  3. the act of consoling; giving relief in affliction

    Synonyms : comfort, consolation
    Type Of : succor, succour, relief, ministration
  4. comfort in disappointment or misery

    Synonyms : solacement
    Type Of : comfort, comfortableness


  1. a collection containing a variety of sorts of things

    Synonyms : assortment, miscellanea, miscellany, mixed bag, mixture, motley, potpourri, salmagundi, variety
    Type Of : accumulation, collection, aggregation, assemblage
    Examples :
    • a veritable smorgasbord of religions
  2. an assortment of foods starting with herring or smoked eel or salmon etc with bread and butter; then cheeses and eggs and pickled vegetables and aspics; finally hot foods; served as a buffet meal

    Type Of : buffet


  1. extract (metals) by heating

    Type Of : create, make, produce
  2. small cold-water silvery fish; migrate between salt and fresh water

    Type Of : fish
  3. small trout-like silvery marine or freshwater food fishes of cold northern waters

    Type Of : soft-finned fish, malacopterygian


  1. an idle slothful person

    Synonyms : slug
    Type Of : bum, do-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer


  1. a minor short-term fight

    Synonyms : brush, clash, encounter
    Type Of : combat, fight, fighting, scrap
  2. engage in a skirmish

    Type Of : struggle, contend, fight


  1. relating to or involving slaves or appropriate for slaves or servants

    Examples :
    • Brown's attempt at servile insurrection
    • the servile wars of Sicily
    • servile work
  2. submissive or fawning in attitude or behavior

    Antonyms : unservile
    Examples :
    • spoke in a servile tone
    • the incurably servile housekeeper
    • servile tasks such as floor scrubbing and barn work


  1. notched like a saw with teeth pointing toward the apex

    Synonyms : notched, saw-toothed, serrate, toothed


  1. not agitated; without losing self-possession

    Synonyms : calm, tranquil, unagitated
    Examples :
    • he remained serene in the midst of turbulence
    • a serene expression on her face
  2. completely clear and fine

    Examples :
    • serene skies and a bright blue sea