1. far along in time

    Synonyms : advanced
    Examples :
    • a ripe old age
    • the ripe age of 90
  2. fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used

    Synonyms : mature
    Antonyms : green
    Examples :
    • ripe peaches
  3. most suitable or right for a particular purpose

    Synonyms : good, right
    Examples :
    • the time is ripe for great sociological changes
  4. at the highest point of development especially in judgment or knowledge

    Examples :
    • a ripe mind
  5. fully prepared or eager

    Examples :
    • the colonists were ripe for revolution


  1. a communal dining-hall (usually in a monastery)

    Type Of : dining-hall


  1. disparaging terms for the common people

    Synonyms : ragtag, ragtag and bobtail, riffraff
    Type Of : common people, folks, folk
  2. a disorderly crowd of people

    Synonyms : mob, rout
    Type Of : crowd


  1. a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon

    Synonyms : consequence, effect, event, issue, outcome, upshot
    Type Of : phenomenon
  2. produce as a result or residue

    Synonyms : lead, leave
    Type Of : give rise, produce, bring about
  3. issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end

    Synonyms : ensue
    Type Of : turn out, turn up, prove
    Examples :
    • result in tragedy
  4. a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem

    Synonyms : answer, resolution, solution, solvent
    Type Of : statement
    Examples :
    • he computed the result to four decimal places
  5. the semantic role of the noun phrase whose referent exists only by virtue of the activity denoted by the verb in the clause

    Synonyms : resultant role
    Type Of : semantic role, participant role
  6. something that results

    Synonyms : final result, outcome, resultant, termination
    Type Of : conclusion, ending, finish
    Examples :
    • he listened for the results on the radio
  7. come about or follow as a consequence

    Type Of : pass, pass off, happen, go on, come about, occur, take place, fall out, hap
    Examples :
    • nothing will result from this meeting

rib cage

  1. the bony enclosing wall of the chest

    Type Of : skeletal structure


  1. bringing again into activity and prominence

    Synonyms : revitalisation, revitalization, revival, revivification
    Type Of : advance, betterment, improvement


  1. the act of reassuring; restoring someone's confidence

    Type Of : support


  1. having the pinkish flush of health

    Synonyms : flushed, rose-cheeked, rosy-cheeked
  2. reflecting optimism

    Synonyms : rose-colored
    Examples :
    • a rosy future
  3. presaging good fortune

    Synonyms : fortunate
    Examples :
    • rosy predictions
  4. of blush color

    Synonyms : blushful


  1. given fresh life or vigor or spirit

    Synonyms : reanimated
    Examples :
    • stirred by revived hopes
  2. restored to consciousness or life or vigor

    Antonyms : unrevived
    Examples :
    • felt revived hope


  1. a burial vault (usually for some famous person)

    Synonyms : monument
    Type Of : sepulchre, burial chamber, sepulture, sepulcher
  2. a facility where things can be deposited for storage or safekeeping

    Synonyms : deposit, depositary, depository
    Type Of : facility, installation
  3. a person to whom a secret is entrusted

    Synonyms : secretary
    Type Of : intimate, confidant