1. a bitter alkaloid extracted from chinchona bark; used in malaria therapy

    Type Of : antimalarial, antimalarial drug


  1. a line of people or vehicles waiting for something

    Synonyms : waiting line
    Type Of : line
  2. form a queue, form a line, stand in line

    Synonyms : line up, queue up
    Type Of : stand, stand up
  3. a braid of hair at the back of the head

    Type Of : plait, braid, twist, tress
  4. (information processing) an ordered list of tasks to be performed or messages to be transmitted

    Type Of : list, listing


  1. satisfy (thirst)

    Synonyms : allay, assuage, slake
    Type Of : fill, meet, fulfil, conform to, satisfy, fit, fulfill
    Examples :
    • The cold water quenched his thirst
  2. suppress or crush completely

    Synonyms : quell, squelch
    Type Of : subdue, stamp down, conquer, suppress
    Examples :
    • quench a rebellion
  3. put out, as of fires, flames, or lights

    Synonyms : blow out, extinguish, snuff out
    Examples :
    • quench the flames
  4. cool (hot metal) by plunging into cold water or other liquid

    Type Of : cool down, chill, cool
    Examples :
    • quench steel
  5. electronics: suppress (sparking) when the current is cut off in an inductive circuit, or suppress (an oscillation or discharge) in a component or device

    Type Of : suppress, stamp down, conquer, subdue
  6. reduce the degree of (luminescence or phosphorescence) in (excited molecules or a material) by adding a suitable substance

    Type Of : trim down, bring down, cut, cut back, cut down, reduce, trim, trim back


  1. marked by a state of tranquil repose

    Examples :
    • the quiescent melancholy of the town
  2. not active or activated

    Examples :
    • the quiescent level of centimeter wave-length solar radiation
  3. (pathology) causing no symptoms

    Examples :
    • a quiescent tumor
  4. being quiet or still or inactive


  1. a rectangular area surrounded on all sides by buildings

    Synonyms : quadrangle
    Type Of : area
  2. (printing) a block of type without a raised letter; used for spacing between words or sentences

    Synonyms : space
    Type Of : type
  3. one of four children born at the same time from the same pregnancy

    Synonyms : quadruplet
    Type Of : sib, sibling
  4. a muscle of the thigh that extends the leg

    Synonyms : musculus quadriceps femoris, quadriceps, quadriceps femoris
    Type Of : extensor muscle, extensor


  1. a person who is paralyzed in both arms and both legs

    Type Of : handicapped person


  1. (music) the distinctive property of a complex sound (a voice or noise or musical sound)

    Synonyms : timber, timbre, tone
    Type Of : sound property
  2. a degree or grade of excellence or worth

    Synonyms : caliber, calibre
    Type Of : grade, level, degree
    Examples :
    • the quality of students has risen
  3. a characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something

    Synonyms : character, lineament
    Type Of : attribute, property, dimension
    Examples :
    • each town has a quality all its own
  4. of superior grade

    Synonyms : choice, prime, prize, select
    Examples :
    • quality paper
  5. an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone

    Type Of : attribute
    Examples :
    • the quality of mercy is not strained
  6. high social status

    Type Of : rank, social station, social status, social rank
    Examples :
    • a man of quality
  7. of high social status

    Examples :
    • people of quality
    • a quality family


  1. refer to for illustration or proof

    Synonyms : cite
    Type Of : advert, bring up, mention, name, refer, cite
    Examples :
    • He said he could quote several instances of this behavior
  2. a passage or expression that is quoted or cited

    Synonyms : citation, quotation
    Type Of : extract, selection, excerpt, excerption
  3. a punctuation mark used to attribute the enclosed text to someone else

    Synonyms : inverted comma, quotation mark
    Type Of : punctuation, punctuation mark
  4. repeat a passage from

    Synonyms : cite
    Type Of : repeat, restate, reiterate, ingeminate, iterate, retell
    Examples :
    • He quoted the Bible to her
  5. name the price of

    Type Of : give
    Examples :
    • quote prices for cars
  6. put quote marks around

    Type Of : mark, punctuate


  1. of an unusually noticeable or exceptional or remarkable kind (not used with a negative)

    Synonyms : quite a, quite an
    Examples :
    • her victory was quite something
    • she's quite a girl
    • quite a film
    • quite a walk
    • we've had quite an afternoon
  2. to a degree (not used with a negative)

    Synonyms : rather
    Examples :
    • quite tasty
    • quite soon
    • quite ill
    • quite rich


  1. (of a body of water) free from disturbance by heavy waves

    Synonyms : placid, smooth, still, tranquil, unruffled
    Examples :
    • the quiet waters of a lagoon
  2. make calm or still

    Synonyms : calm, calm down, lull, quieten, still, tranquilize, tranquillise, tranquillize
    Type Of : console, comfort, solace, soothe
    Examples :
    • quiet the dragons of worry and fear
  3. with little or no activity or no agitation (`quiet' is a nonstandard variant for `quietly')

    Synonyms : quietly
    Examples :
    • her hands rested quietly in her lap
    • the rock star was quietly led out the back door
    • sit here as quiet as you can
  4. a period of calm weather

    Synonyms : lull
    Type Of : calmness
  5. the absence of sound

    Synonyms : silence
    Type Of : sound property
    Examples :
    • the street was quiet
  6. an untroubled state; free from disturbances

    Synonyms : tranquility, tranquillity
    Type Of : order
  7. a disposition free from stress or emotion

    Synonyms : placidity, repose, serenity, tranquility, tranquillity
    Type Of : composure, calm, calmness, equanimity
  8. in a softened tone

    Synonyms : hushed, muted, subdued
    Examples :
    • a quiet reprimand
  9. become quiet or quieter

    Synonyms : hush, pipe down, quiesce, quiet down, quieten
    Type Of : change intensity
  10. not showy or obtrusive

    Synonyms : restrained
    Examples :
    • clothes in quiet good taste
  11. characterized by an absence or near absence of agitation or activity

    Antonyms : unquiet
    Examples :
    • a quiet life
    • a quiet throng of onlookers
    • quiet peace-loving people
    • the factions remained quiet for almost 10 years
  12. free of noise or uproar; or making little if any sound

    Antonyms : noisy
    Examples :
    • a quiet audience at the concert
    • the room was dark and quiet
  13. (of the sun) characterized by a low level of surface phenomena, such as sunspots

    Antonyms : active