1. someone who takes part in an activity

    Synonyms : player
    Type Of : associate
  2. a person who participates in or is skilled at some game

    Synonyms : player
    Type Of : contestant


  1. someone who makes predictions of the future (usually on the basis of special knowledge)

    Synonyms : forecaster, prognosticator, soothsayer
    Type Of : illusionist, visionary, seer
  2. a computer for controlling antiaircraft fire that computes the position of an aircraft at the instant of a shell's arrival

    Type Of : computer, computing device, computing machine, data processor, information processing system, electronic computer
  3. information that supports a probabilistic estimate of future events

    Type Of : information
    Examples :
    • the weekly bulletin contains several predictors of mutual fund performance


  1. a traveler riding in a vehicle (a boat or bus or car or plane or train etc) who is not operating it

    Synonyms : rider
    Type Of : traveller, traveler


  1. easily seen or detected

    Synonyms : detectable
    Examples :
    • he continued after a perceptible pause
  2. capable of being perceived by the mind or senses

    Antonyms : imperceptible
    Examples :
    • a perceptible limp
    • easily perceptible sounds
    • perceptible changes in behavior
    • a perceptible sense of expectation in the court


  1. attribute or give

    Synonyms : assign
    Type Of : utilize, utilise, apply, employ, use
    Examples :
    • She put too much emphasis on her the last statement
    • He put all his efforts into this job
    • The teacher put an interesting twist to the interpretation of the story
  2. formulate in a particular style or language

    Synonyms : cast, couch, frame, redact
    Type Of : word, formulate, give voice, articulate, phrase
    Examples :
    • I wouldn't put it that way
  3. arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events

    Synonyms : arrange, order, set up
    Type Of : organise, organize
    Examples :
    • I put these memories with those of bygone times
  4. put into a certain place or abstract location

    Synonyms : lay, place, pose, position, set
    Type Of : displace, move
  5. make an investment

    Synonyms : commit, invest, place
    Type Of : expend, drop, spend
  6. the option to sell a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date

    Synonyms : put option
    Type Of : option
  7. estimate

    Synonyms : place, set
    Type Of : guess, judge, approximate, estimate, gauge
    Examples :
    • We put the time of arrival at 8 P.M.
  8. adapt

    Type Of : set, arrange
    Examples :
    • put these words to music
  9. cause (someone) to undergo something

    Type Of : subject
    Examples :
    • He put her to the torture
  10. cause to be in a certain state; cause to be in a certain relation

    Type Of : change, alter, modify
    Examples :
    • That song put me in awful good humor
    • put your ideas in writing


  1. command against

    Synonyms : disallow, forbid, interdict, nix, proscribe, veto
    Type Of : command, require


  1. the size of something as given by the distance around it

    Synonyms : circumference
    Type Of : size
  2. the boundary line or the area immediately inside the boundary

    Synonyms : border, margin
    Type Of : boundary, edge, bound
  3. a line enclosing a plane areas

    Type Of : line


  1. the process of giving birth

    Synonyms : birth, birthing, giving birth
    Type Of : organic process, biological process


  1. venous swelling external or internal to the anal sphincter

    Synonyms : haemorrhoid, hemorrhoid
    Type Of : symptom
  2. a large number or amount

    Synonyms : dozens, gobs, heaps, lashings, loads, lots, oodles, rafts, scads, scores, slews, stacks, tons, wads
    Type Of : large indefinite amount, large indefinite quantity


  1. (Jungian psychology) a personal facade that one presents to the world

    Synonyms : image
    Type Of : visual aspect, appearance
  2. an actor's portrayal of someone in a play

    Synonyms : character, part, role, theatrical role
    Type Of : portrayal, personation, characterization, enactment