1. a job in an organization

    Synonyms : berth, billet, office, place, position, situation, spot
    Type Of : job, line of work, business, occupation, line
    Examples :
    • he occupied a post in the treasury
  2. mark with a stake

    Synonyms : stake
    Type Of : mark
  3. transfer (entries) from one account book to another

    Synonyms : carry
    Type Of : transfer
  4. United States manufacturer of breakfast cereals and Postum (1854-1914)

    Synonyms : c. w. post, charles william post
  5. United States female author who wrote a book and a syndicated newspaper column on etiquette (1872-1960)

    Synonyms : emily post, emily price post
  6. military installation at which a body of troops is stationed

    Synonyms : military post
    Type Of : military installation
    Examples :
    • this military post provides an important source of income for the town nearby
    • there is an officer's club on the post
  7. cause to be directed or transmitted to another place

    Synonyms : mail, send
    Type Of : transfer
  8. assign to a station

    Synonyms : place, send, station
    Type Of : move, displace
  9. a pole or stake set up to mark something (as the start or end of a race track)

    Synonyms : stake
    Type Of : visual signal
    Examples :
    • a pair of posts marked the goal
  10. the system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office

    Synonyms : mail, mail service, postal service
    Type Of : communication, communicating
    Examples :
    • in England they call mail `the post'
  11. place so as to be noticed

    Synonyms : put up
    Type Of : set up, instal, install, put in
    Examples :
    • post a sign
    • post a warning at the dump
  12. mark or expose as infamous

    Synonyms : brand
    Type Of : call
  13. any particular collection of letters or packages that is delivered

    Synonyms : mail
    Type Of : collection, aggregation, accumulation, assemblage
    Examples :
    • is there any post for me?
    • she was opening her post
  14. the position where someone (as a guard or sentry) stands or is assigned to stand

    Synonyms : station
    Type Of : place, position
    Examples :
    • a soldier manned the entrance post
  15. United States aviator who in 1933 made the first solo flight around the world (1899-1935)

    Synonyms : wiley post
  16. affix in a public place or for public notice

    Type Of : stick on, affix
    Examples :
    • post a warning
  17. an upright consisting of a piece of timber or metal fixed firmly in an upright position

    Type Of : vertical, upright
    Examples :
    • he set a row of posts in the ground and strung barbwire between them
  18. assign to a post; put into a post

    Type Of : depute, designate, assign, delegate
    Examples :
    • The newspaper posted him in Timbuktu
  19. display, as of records in sports games

    Type Of : put down, enter, record
  20. enter on a public list

    Type Of : list
  21. publicize with, or as if with, a poster

    Type Of : denote, announce
    Examples :
    • I'll post the news on the bulletin board
  22. ride Western style and bob up and down in the saddle in rhythm with a horse's trotting gait

    Type Of : ride horseback
  23. the delivery and collection of letters and packages

    Type Of : bringing, delivery
    Examples :
    • it came by the first post
    • if you hurry you'll catch the post


  1. tending to or capable of propelling

    Synonyms : propellent, propelling, propulsive
    Examples :
    • propellant fuel for submarines
  2. any substance that propels

    Synonyms : propellent
    Type Of : substance


  1. very lively and profitable

    Synonyms : booming, flourishing, palmy, prosperous, roaring, thriving


  1. to become aware of through the senses

    Synonyms : comprehend
    Examples :
    • I could perceive the ship coming over the horizon
  2. become conscious of

    Type Of : realize, see, understand, realise
    Examples :
    • She finally perceived the futility of her protest


  1. appeal or request earnestly

    Type Of : invoke, appeal
    Examples :
    • I pleaded with him to stop
  2. enter a plea, as in courts of law

    Type Of : declare
    Examples :
    • She pleaded not guilty
  3. make an allegation in an action or other legal proceeding, especially answer the previous pleading of the other party by denying facts therein stated or by alleging new facts

    Type Of : allege, say, aver
  4. offer as an excuse or plea

    Type Of : apologise, apologize, rationalise, rationalize, excuse
    Examples :
    • She was pleading insanity


  1. the attribute of accepting the facts of life and favoring practicality and literal truth

    Synonyms : realism
    Type Of : practicality
  2. (philosophy) the doctrine that practical consequences are the criteria of knowledge and meaning and value

    Type Of : philosophical doctrine, philosophical theory


  1. a short introductory essay preceding the text of a book

    Synonyms : foreword, prolusion
    Type Of : introduction
  2. furnish with a preface or introduction

    Synonyms : introduce, precede, premise
    Type Of : tell, say, state
    Examples :
    • He prefaced his lecture with a critical remark about the institution


  1. someone who takes part in an activity

    Synonyms : participant
    Type Of : associate
    Examples :
    • he was a major player in setting up the corporation
  2. a person who participates in or is skilled at some game

    Synonyms : participant
    Type Of : contestant
  3. someone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)

    Synonyms : instrumentalist, musician
    Type Of : performing artist, performer
  4. a theatrical performer

    Synonyms : actor, histrion, role player, thespian
    Type Of : performing artist, performer
  5. a person who pursues a number of different social and sexual partners simultaneously

    Type Of : mortal, someone, person, individual, soul, somebody


  1. large American feline resembling a lion

    Synonyms : catamount, cougar, felis concolor, mountain lion, panther, puma
    Type Of : wildcat
  2. a line that is attached to the bow of a boat and used for tying up (as when docking or towing)

    Type Of : line
  3. an artist who paints

    Type Of : artist, creative person
  4. a worker who is employed to cover objects with paint

    Type Of : trained worker, skilled worker, skilled workman


  1. status established in order of importance or urgency

    Synonyms : precedence, precedency
    Type Of : high status
    Examples :
    • national independence takes priority over class struggle
  2. preceding in time

    Synonyms : antecedence, antecedency, anteriority, precedence, precedency
    Antonyms : posteriority
    Type Of : earliness