1. soft food made by boiling oatmeal or other meal or legumes in water or milk until thick

    Type Of : dish


  1. a courteous manner that respects accepted social usage

    Synonyms : niceness
    Antonyms : impoliteness
    Type Of : good manners, courtesy
  2. the act of showing regard for others

    Synonyms : civility
    Type Of : action


  1. at an earlier time or formerly

    Synonyms : antecedently
    Examples :
    • she had previously lived in Chicago
    • he was previously president of a bank
    • better than anything previously proposed
    • a previously unquestioned attitude


  1. glazed and salted cracker typically in the shape of a loose knot

    Type Of : cracker


  1. fleet antelope-like ruminant of western North American plains with small branched horns

    Synonyms : american antelope, antilocapra americana, prongbuck, pronghorn antelope
    Type Of : ruminant


  1. used of illness or symptoms resulting from neurosis


  1. the outside boundary or surface of something

    Synonyms : fringe, outer boundary
    Type Of : bound, boundary, edge


  1. a preliminary election where delegates or nominees are chosen

    Synonyms : primary election
    Type Of : election
  2. of or being the essential or basic part

    Synonyms : basal, elemental, elementary
  3. one of the main flight feathers projecting along the outer edge of a bird's wing

    Synonyms : primary feather, primary quill
    Type Of : flight feather, quill, pinion, quill feather
  4. coil forming the part of an electrical circuit such that changing current in it induces a current in a neighboring circuit

    Synonyms : primary coil, primary winding
    Type Of : coil
    Examples :
    • current through the primary coil induces current in the secondary coil
  5. most important element

    Synonyms : chief, main, master, principal
    Examples :
    • policemen were primary targets
  6. (astronomy) a celestial body (especially a star) relative to other objects in orbit around it

    Type Of : celestial body, heavenly body
  7. not derived from or reducible to something else; basic

    Examples :
    • a primary instinct
  8. of first rank or importance or value; direct and immediate rather than secondary

    Antonyms : secondary
    Examples :
    • primary goals
    • a primary effect
    • primary sources
    • a primary interest


  1. assign a priority to

    Synonyms : prioritize
    Type Of : grade, order, place, range, rank, rate


  1. a craftsman who installs and repairs pipes and fixtures and appliances

    Synonyms : pipe fitter
    Type Of : artificer, artisan, craftsman, journeyman