1. the act of ejecting someone or forcing them out

    Synonyms : ousting
    Type Of : ejection, expulsion, exclusion, riddance
  2. a person who ousts or supplants someone else

    Synonyms : ejector
    Type Of : individual, soul, someone, somebody, person, mortal
  3. a wrongful dispossession

    Type Of : eviction, legal ouster, dispossession


  1. be valid, applicable, or true

    Synonyms : hold, prevail
    Type Of : exist, be
  2. receive a specified treatment (abstract)

    Synonyms : find, get, incur, receive
    Type Of : change
  3. come into possession of

    Type Of : acquire, get
    Examples :
    • How did you obtain the visa?


  1. censure severely

    Synonyms : castigate, chasten, chastise, correct
    Type Of : trounce, berate, call down, call on the carpet, chew out, chew up, chide, take to task, bawl out, dress down, have words, jaw, lambast, lambaste, lecture, rag, rebuke, remonstrate, reprimand, scold
  2. express strong disapproval of

    Synonyms : condemn, decry, excoriate, reprobate
    Type Of : denounce


  1. unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings

    Synonyms : excessive, extravagant, exuberant
    Examples :
    • overweening ambition
    • overweening greed
  2. presumptuously arrogant

    Synonyms : uppity
    Examples :
    • had a witty but overweening manner
    • no idea how overweening he would be


  1. showing a cheerful willingness to do favors for others

    Synonyms : complaisant
    Examples :
    • the obliging waiter was in no hurry for us to leave


  1. stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing

    Synonyms : cussed, obdurate, unrepentant
  2. resistant to guidance or discipline

    Synonyms : contrary, perverse, wayward
    Examples :
    • an obstinate child with a violent temper
  3. tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield

    Synonyms : stubborn, unregenerate
  4. persist stubbornly

    Type Of : hold on, persevere, hang in, hang on, persist
    Examples :
    • he obstinates himself against all rational arguments


  1. wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living

    Synonyms : luxuriousness, luxury, sumptuousness
    Type Of : wealth, wealthiness


  1. avoid speaking to or dealing with

    Synonyms : ostracise
    Type Of : exclude, keep out, shut, shut out
    Examples :
    • Ever since I spoke up, my colleagues ostracize me
  2. expel from a community or group

    Synonyms : ban, banish, blackball, cast out, ostracise, shun
    Type Of : kick out, throw out, expel


  1. the organ that bears the ovules of a flower

    Type Of : reproductive structure
  2. (vertebrates) one of usually two organs that produce ova and secrete estrogen and progesterone

    Type Of : gonad, female internal reproductive organ, sex gland


  1. talk pompously

    Type Of : speak, talk