1. a newly invented word or phrase

    Synonyms : coinage, neology
    Type Of : word
  2. the act of inventing a word or phrase

    Synonyms : coinage, neology
    Type Of : invention


  1. failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances

    Synonyms : carelessness, neglect, nonperformance
    Type Of : nonachievement, nonaccomplishment
  2. the trait of neglecting responsibilities and lacking concern

    Synonyms : neglect, neglectfulness
    Type Of : carelessness, sloppiness


  1. deny the truth of

    Synonyms : contradict, contravene
    Type Of : differ, take issue, dissent, disagree
  2. be in contradiction with

    Synonyms : belie, contradict
    Type Of : vary, deviate, depart, diverge
  3. prove negative; show to be false

    Synonyms : contradict
    Antonyms : affirm
    Type Of : prove, demonstrate, establish, shew, show
  4. make ineffective by counterbalancing the effect of

    Synonyms : neutralise, neutralize, nullify
    Type Of : weaken
    Examples :
    • This action will negate the effect of my efforts


  1. extremely wicked

    Synonyms : villainous
    Examples :
    • nefarious schemes


  1. of or relating to or resembling a nebula

    Synonyms : nebular
  2. lacking definition or definite content

    Synonyms : unfixed
    Examples :
    • nebulous reasons
  3. lacking definite form or limits

    Synonyms : cloudy, nebulose
    Examples :
    • nebulous distinction between pride and conceit


  1. able to be sailed on or through safely

    Examples :
    • navigable waters
    • a navigable channel


  1. rub noses

    Synonyms : nose
    Type Of : fondle, caress
  2. move or arrange oneself in a comfortable and cozy position

    Synonyms : cuddle, draw close, nest, nestle, snuggle
    Type Of : hold close, cling to, hold tight, clutch
  3. dig out with the snout

    Type Of : dig up, turn up, excavate
    Examples :
    • the pig nuzzled the truffle


  1. declare invalid

    Synonyms : annul, avoid, invalidate, quash, void
    Type Of : strike down, cancel
  2. show to be invalid

    Synonyms : invalidate
    Type Of : negate, contradict
  3. make ineffective by counterbalancing the effect of

    Synonyms : negate, neutralise, neutralize
    Type Of : weaken


  1. a subtle difference in meaning or opinion or attitude

    Synonyms : nicety, refinement, shade, subtlety
    Type Of : import, meaning, significance, signification
    Examples :
    • without understanding the finer nuances you can't enjoy the humor


  1. injurious to physical or mental health

    Antonyms : innocuous
    Examples :
    • noxious chemical wastes
    • noxious ideas