1. blemished by injury or rough wear

    Synonyms : scarred
    Examples :
    • walls marred by graffiti


  1. a tool resembling a hammer but with a large head (usually wooden); used to drive wedges or ram down paving stones or for crushing or beating or flattening or smoothing

    Synonyms : beetle
    Type Of : hammer
  2. a light drumstick with a rounded head that is used to strike such percussion instruments as chimes, kettledrums, marimbas, glockenspiels, etc.

    Synonyms : hammer
    Type Of : drumstick
  3. a sports implement with a long handle and a head like a hammer; used in sports (polo or croquet) to hit a ball

    Type Of : sports implement


  1. easily influenced

    Synonyms : ductile
  2. capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out

    Synonyms : ductile, pliable, pliant, tensile, tractile
    Examples :
    • malleable metals such as gold


  1. someone shirking their duty by feigning illness or incapacity

    Synonyms : shammer, skulker
    Type Of : shirker, slacker


  1. avoid responsibilities and duties, e.g., by pretending to be ill

    Synonyms : skulk
    Type Of : fiddle, goldbrick, shirk, shrink from


  1. someone who has committed a crime or has been legally convicted of a crime

    Synonyms : criminal, crook, felon, outlaw
    Type Of : principal


  1. the act of calling down a curse that invokes evil (and usually serves as an insult)

    Synonyms : imprecation
    Type Of : condemnation, curse, execration


  1. impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism

    Synonyms : illness, sickness, unwellness
    Type Of : health problem, ill health, unhealthiness
  2. any unwholesome or desperate condition

    Type Of : condition, status


  1. not adroit

    Antonyms : adroit
    Examples :
    • a maladroit movement of his hand caused the car to swerve
    • a maladroit translation
    • maladroit propaganda


  1. a very wealthy or powerful businessman

    Synonyms : baron, big businessman, business leader, king, mogul, power, top executive, tycoon
    Type Of : businessman, man of affairs