1. of a substance, especially a strong acid; capable of destroying or eating away by chemical action

    Synonyms : caustic, corrosive, erosive, vitriolic
  2. harshly ironic or sinister

    Synonyms : black, grim
    Examples :
    • fun ranging from slapstick clowning ... to savage mordant wit
  3. a substance used to treat leather or other materials before dyeing; aids in dyeing process

    Type Of : colouring material, color, coloring material, colour


  1. pleasing to the ear

    Synonyms : dulcet, honeyed, mellisonant, sweet


  1. money extracted as a penalty

    Synonyms : amercement, fine
    Type Of : penalty
  2. deprive of by deceit

    Synonyms : bunco, con, defraud, diddle, goldbrick, hornswoggle, nobble, rook, scam, short-change, swindle, victimize
    Type Of : rip off, cheat, chisel
  3. impose a fine on

    Type Of : impose, levy


  1. wrongful conduct by a public official

    Type Of : actus reus, misconduct, wrongdoing, wrongful conduct


  1. cause to change shape in a computer animation

    Type Of : change, modify, alter
    Examples :
    • The computer programmer morphed the image
  2. change shape as via computer animation

    Type Of : wring, contort, deform, distort
    Examples :
    • In the video, Michael Jackson morphed into a panther


  1. having an unpleasant smell

    Synonyms : ill-smelling, malodourous, stinky, unpleasant-smelling
    Antonyms : fragrant


  1. a person without moral scruples

    Synonyms : reprobate
    Type Of : wrongdoer, offender


  1. characterized by or causing or expressing sadness

    Synonyms : melancholic
    Examples :
    • growing more melancholy every hour
    • we acquainted him with the melancholy truth
  2. grave or even gloomy in character

    Synonyms : somber, sombre
  3. a humor that was once believed to be secreted by the kidneys or spleen and to cause sadness and melancholy

    Synonyms : black bile
    Type Of : bodily fluid, body fluid, humor, humour, liquid body substance
  4. a constitutional tendency to be gloomy and depressed

    Type Of : depression
  5. a feeling of thoughtful sadness

    Type Of : unhappiness, sadness


  1. English inventor (born in the United States) who invented the Maxim gun that was used in World War I (1840-1916)

    Synonyms : sir hiram stevens maxim
  2. a saying that is widely accepted on its own merits

    Synonyms : axiom
    Type Of : saying, expression, locution


  1. (of persons) befitting a warrior

    Synonyms : soldierlike, soldierly, warriorlike
  2. suggesting war or military life

    Synonyms : warlike
  3. of or relating to the armed forces

    Examples :
    • martial law
  4. Roman poet noted for epigrams (first century BC)