1. stone post at side of a road to show distances

    Synonyms : milepost
    Type Of : mark, marker, marking
  2. a significant event in your life (or in a project)

    Type Of : juncture, occasion


  1. conforming to the standards and conventions of the middle class

    Synonyms : bourgeois, conservative
  2. marked by materialism

    Synonyms : mercenary, worldly-minded


  1. a mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something (especially on a person's body)

    Synonyms : blemish, defect
    Type Of : appearance, visual aspect
  2. make imperfect

    Synonyms : deflower, impair, spoil, vitiate
    Type Of : damage
    Examples :
    • nothing marred her beauty
  3. the month following February and preceding April

    Synonyms : march
    Type Of : gregorian calendar month
  4. destroy or injure severely

    Synonyms : mutilate
    Type Of : maim


  1. vary the pitch of one's speech

    Synonyms : inflect, tone
    Type Of : utter, verbalise, mouth, verbalize, speak, talk
  2. fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of

    Synonyms : regulate
    Type Of : set, adjust, correct
    Examples :
    • modulate the pitch
  3. adjust the pitch, tone, or volume of

    Type Of : correct, set, adjust
  4. change the key of, in music

    Type Of : play, spiel
    Examples :
    • modulate the melody
  5. vary the frequency, amplitude, phase, or other characteristic of (electromagnetic waves)

    Type Of : vary, change, alter


  1. the main land mass of a country or continent; as distinguished from an island or peninsula

    Type Of : ground, dry land, earth, terra firma, land, solid ground


  1. in a clearly noticeable manner

    Examples :
    • sales of luxury cars dropped markedly


  1. cause to seem less serious; play down

    Synonyms : belittle, denigrate, derogate
    Type Of : pick at, belittle, disparage
  2. represent as less significant or important

    Synonyms : downplay, minimise, understate
    Type Of : inform
  3. make small or insignificant

    Synonyms : minimise
    Antonyms : maximize
    Type Of : lessen, decrease, minify
    Examples :
    • Let's minimize the risk


  1. all of the living human inhabitants of the earth

    Synonyms : human beings, human race, humanity, humankind, humans, man, world
    Type Of : group, grouping, homo, human, human being, man
    Examples :
    • she always used `humankind' because `mankind' seemed to slight the women


  1. the common people generally

    Synonyms : hoi polloi, mass, masses, people, the great unwashed
    Type Of : group, grouping
  2. a large gathering of people

    Synonyms : concourse, throng
    Type Of : gathering, assemblage
  3. a large indefinite number

    Synonyms : battalion, large number, pack, plurality
    Type Of : large indefinite quantity, large indefinite amount
    Examples :
    • a multitude of TV antennas


  1. a law officer having duties similar to those of a sheriff in carrying out the judgments of a court of law

    Synonyms : marshal
    Type Of : law officer, peace officer, lawman
  2. United States actor (1914-1998)

    Synonyms : e. g. marshall
  3. United States jurist; as chief justice of the Supreme Court he established the principles of United States constitutional law (1755-1835)

    Synonyms : john marshall
  4. United States general and statesman who as Secretary of State organized the European Recovery Program (1880-1959)

    Synonyms : george catlett marshall, george marshall
  5. (in some countries) a military officer of highest rank

    Synonyms : marshal
    Type Of : commissioned military officer