1. profound scholarly knowledge

    Synonyms : encyclopaedism, encyclopedism, eruditeness, erudition, learning, scholarship
    Type Of : education


  1. ridicule with satire

    Synonyms : satirise, satirize
    Type Of : blackguard, guy, jest at, laugh at, make fun, poke fun, rib, ridicule, roast
  2. a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way

    Synonyms : burlesque, mockery, parody, pasquinade, put-on, send-up, sendup, spoof, takeoff, travesty
    Type Of : caricature, imitation, impersonation


  1. the passionate and demonstrative activity of expressing grief

    Synonyms : mourning
    Type Of : activity, expression, manifestation, reflection, reflexion
  2. a cry of sorrow and grief

    Synonyms : lament, plaint, wail
    Type Of : complaint


  1. brief and to the point; effectively cut short

    Synonyms : crisp, curt, terse
    Examples :
    • the laconic reply; `yes'


  1. lacking brilliance or vitality

    Synonyms : lacklustre, lusterless, lustreless
    Examples :
    • a dull lackluster life
  2. lacking luster or shine

    Synonyms : lacklustre, lusterless, lustreless
    Examples :
    • staring with lackluster eyes


  1. showing sorrow

    Synonyms : dolorous, dolourous, tearful, weeping


  1. a torn ragged wound

    Type Of : lesion, wound
  2. the act of lacerating

    Type Of : tear


  1. resembling a labyrinth in form or complexity

    Synonyms : labyrinthian, mazy
    Examples :
    • a labyrinthine network of tortuous footpaths
  2. relating to or affecting or originating in the inner ear

    Examples :
    • labyrinthine deafness


  1. a complex system of interconnecting cavities; concerned with hearing and equilibrium

    Synonyms : inner ear, internal ear
    Type Of : sense organ, receptor, sensory receptor
  2. complex system of paths or tunnels in which it is easy to get lost

    Synonyms : maze
    Type Of : system


  1. appropriate to literature rather than everyday speech or writing

    Examples :
    • when trying to impress someone she spoke in an affected literary style
  2. knowledgeable about literature

    Examples :
    • a literary style
  3. of or relating to or characteristic of literature

    Examples :
    • literary criticism