1. talk socially without exchanging too much information

    Synonyms : chaffer, chat, chatter, chew the fat, chit-chat, chitchat, claver, confab, confabulate, gossip, natter, shoot the breeze, visit
    Type Of : converse, discourse
  2. censure severely or angrily

    Synonyms : bawl out, berate, call down, call on the carpet, chew out, chew up, chide, dress down, have words, lambast, lambaste, lecture, rag, rebuke, remonstrate, reprimand, scold, take to task, trounce
    Type Of : criticize, pick apart, knock, criticise
  3. talk incessantly and tiresomely

    Synonyms : rattle on, yack, yack away, yap away
    Type Of : speak, verbalise, mouth, talk, utter, verbalize
  4. chew (food); to bite and grind with the teeth

    Synonyms : chew, manducate, masticate
    Type Of : grind, grate
    Examples :
    • He jawed his bubble gum
  5. holding device consisting of one or both of the opposing parts of a tool that close to hold an object

    Type Of : holding device
  6. the bones of the skull that frame the mouth and serve to open it; the bones that hold the teeth

    Type Of : lineament, feature
  7. the part of the skull of a vertebrate that frames the mouth and holds the teeth

    Type Of : bone, os


  1. the act of rearranging things to give a misleading impression

    Synonyms : juggle
    Type Of : rearrangement
  2. throwing and catching several objects simultaneously

    Synonyms : juggle
    Type Of : performance


  1. show to be right by providing justification or proof

    Synonyms : vindicate
    Type Of : uphold, maintain
  2. adjust the spaces between words

    Type Of : set, adjust, correct
    Examples :
    • justify the margins
  3. (used of God) declare innocent; absolve from the penalty of sin

    Type Of : free, absolve


  1. a committee appointed to judge a competition

    Synonyms : panel
    Type Of : committee, commission
  2. a body of citizens sworn to give a true verdict according to the evidence presented in a court of law

    Type Of : body


  1. the act of rearranging things to give a misleading impression

    Synonyms : juggling
    Type Of : rearrangement
  2. throwing and catching several objects simultaneously

    Synonyms : juggling
    Type Of : performance
  3. influence by slyness

    Synonyms : beguile, hoodwink
    Type Of : cheat, chisel, rip off
  4. deal with simultaneously

    Type Of : deal, care, handle, manage
    Examples :
    • She had to juggle her job and her children
  5. hold with difficulty and balance insecurely

    Type Of : balance, poise
    Examples :
    • the player juggled the ball
  6. manipulate by or as if by moving around components

    Type Of : wangle, cook, fake, falsify, fudge, manipulate, misrepresent
    Examples :
    • juggle an account so as to hide a deficit
  7. throw, catch, and keep in the air several things simultaneously

    Type Of : throw


  1. the month following June and preceding August

    Type Of : gregorian calendar month


  1. full of or characterized by joy

    Antonyms : joyless
    Examples :
    • felt a joyous abandon
    • joyous laughter


  1. relating to or characteristic of Jainism

    Synonyms : jainist


  1. displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity

    Synonyms : adolescent, jejune, puerile
    Examples :
    • their behavior was juvenile
  2. a young person, not fully developed

    Synonyms : juvenile person
    Antonyms : adult
    Type Of : mortal, individual, soul, person, somebody, someone
  3. of or relating to or characteristic of or appropriate for children or young people

    Examples :
    • juvenile diabetes
    • juvenile fashions


  1. a long and mournful complaint

    Type Of : complaint
    Examples :
    • a jeremiad against any form of government