1. the time between two reigns, governments, etc.

    Type Of : interim, lag, meantime, meanwhile


  1. a short poem descriptive of rural or pastoral life

    Synonyms : bucolic, eclogue, idyl
    Type Of : pastoral
  2. a musical composition that evokes rural life

    Synonyms : idyl, pastoral, pastorale
    Type Of : opus, piece, piece of music, musical composition, composition
  3. an episode of such pastoral or romantic charm as to qualify as the subject of a poetic idyll

    Type Of : episode


  1. influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering

    Synonyms : blarney, cajole, coax, palaver, sweet-talk, wheedle
    Type Of : persuade


  1. made tough by habitual exposure

    Synonyms : enured, hardened
    Examples :
    • a peasant, dark, lean-faced, wind-inured
    • our successors...may be graver, more inured and equable men


  1. make an incision into by carving or cutting

    Type Of : cut


  1. calm and unruffled self-assurance

    Synonyms : coolness, imperturbableness
    Type Of : calmness


  1. a laborer who moves from place to place as demanded by employment

    Synonyms : gipsy, gypsy
    Type Of : jack, laborer, labourer, manual laborer
    Examples :
    • itinerant traders
  2. traveling from place to place to work

    Examples :
    • itinerant labor
    • an itinerant judge


  1. incapable of being retracted or revoked

    Synonyms : irrevokable
    Antonyms : revocable
    Examples :
    • firm and irrevocable is my doom


  1. free of guilt; not subject to blame

    Synonyms : blameless, inculpable, unimpeachable
    Examples :
    • of irreproachable character


  1. a real number that cannot be expressed as a rational number

    Synonyms : irrational number
    Type Of : real, real number
  2. not consistent with or using reason

    Antonyms : rational
    Examples :
    • irrational fears
    • irrational animals
  3. real but not expressible as the quotient of two integers

    Antonyms : rational
    Examples :
    • irrational numbers