1. not having a job

    Synonyms : jobless, out of work
    Examples :
    • idle carpenters
  2. not in active use

    Synonyms : unused
    Examples :
    • the machinery sat idle during the strike
    • idle hands
  3. without a basis in reason or fact

    Synonyms : baseless, groundless, unfounded, unwarranted, wild
    Examples :
    • idle fears
  4. be idle; exist in a changeless situation

    Synonyms : laze, slug, stagnate
    Antonyms : work
  5. run disconnected or idle

    Synonyms : tick over
    Antonyms : run
  6. silly or trivial

    Synonyms : light
    Examples :
    • idle pleasure
    • light idle chatter
  7. lacking a sense of restraint or responsibility

    Synonyms : loose
    Examples :
    • idle talk
  8. not yielding a return

    Synonyms : dead
    Examples :
    • idle funds
  9. not in action or at work

    Antonyms : busy
    Examples :
    • an idle laborer
    • idle drifters
    • the idle rich
    • an idle mind
  10. the state of an engine or other mechanism that is idling

    Type Of : operation
    Examples :
    • the car engine was running at idle


  1. the act of making immune (especially by inoculation)

    Synonyms : immunisation
    Type Of : protection


  1. (psychology) the conscious exclusion of unacceptable thoughts or desires

    Synonyms : suppression
    Type Of : abstinence
  2. the action of prohibiting or inhibiting or forbidding (or an instance thereof)

    Synonyms : forbiddance, prohibition
    Type Of : action
    Examples :
    • a medical inhibition of alcoholic beverages
  3. (physiology) the process whereby nerves can retard or prevent the functioning of an organ or part

    Type Of : biological process, organic process
    Examples :
    • the inhibition of the heart by the vagus nerve
  4. the quality of being inhibited

    Type Of : control, restraint


  1. enclosed in the same envelope or package

    Examples :
    • the included check


  1. not eligible

    Antonyms : eligible
    Examples :
    • ineligible to vote
    • ineligible for retirement benefits
  2. prohibited by official rules

    Examples :
    • an ineligible pass receiver


  1. inducing or influencing; leading on

    Synonyms : inducive
    Examples :
    • inductive to the sin of Eve
  2. arising from inductance

    Examples :
    • inductive reactance
  3. of reasoning; proceeding from particular facts to a general conclusion

    Antonyms : deductive
    Examples :
    • inductive reasoning


  1. somewhat ill or prone to illness

    Synonyms : ailing, peaked, poorly, seedy, sickly, under the weather, unwell
    Examples :
    • feeling a bit indisposed today
  2. (usually followed by `to') strongly opposed

    Synonyms : antipathetic, antipathetical, averse, loath, loth
    Examples :
    • clearly indisposed to grant their request


  1. perform without preparation

    Synonyms : ad-lib, extemporise, extemporize, improvize
    Type Of : do, execute, perform
  2. manage in a makeshift way; do with whatever is at hand

    Synonyms : extemporize
    Type Of : contend, cope, deal, make do, make out, manage, get by, grapple
    Examples :
    • after the hurricane destroyed our house, we had to improvise for weeks


  1. stupefied or excited by a chemical substance (especially alcohol)

    Synonyms : drunk, gone, inebriated, ripped
    Antonyms : sober
    Examples :
    • a noisy crowd of intoxicated sailors
  2. as if under the influence of alcohol

    Synonyms : drunk
    Examples :
    • felt intoxicated by her success


  1. impressive in appearance

    Synonyms : baronial, noble, stately
    Examples :
    • an imposing residence
  2. used of a person's appearance or behavior; befitting an eminent person

    Synonyms : distinguished, grand, magisterial
    Examples :
    • the monarch's imposing presence