1. incapable of failure or error

    Antonyms : fallible
    Examples :
    • an infallible antidote
    • an infallible memory
    • the Catholic Church considers the Pope infallible
    • no doctor is infallible


  1. not appropriate to the purpose

    Synonyms : unwise
  2. not suitable or advisable

    Antonyms : expedient
    Examples :
    • an inexpedient tactic


  1. impervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, reason

    Synonyms : adamant, adamantine, intransigent
    Examples :
    • Cynthia was inexorable; she would have none of him
  2. not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty

    Synonyms : grim, relentless, stern, unappeasable, unforgiving, unrelenting
    Examples :
    • Russia's final hour, it seemed, approached with inexorable certainty


  1. a disposition to remain inactive or inert

    Synonyms : inactiveness, inactivity
    Type Of : trait
    Examples :
    • he had to overcome his inertia and get back to work
  2. (physics) the tendency of a body to maintain its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force

    Type Of : mechanical phenomenon


  1. revealing lack of perceptiveness or judgment or finesse

    Synonyms : tactless
    Examples :
    • an inept remark
  2. generally incompetent and ineffectual

    Synonyms : feckless
    Examples :
    • inept handling of the account
  3. not elegant or graceful in expression

    Synonyms : awkward, clumsy, cumbersome, ill-chosen, inapt
    Examples :
    • if the rumor is true, can anything be more inept than to repeat it now?


  1. too sacred to be uttered

    Synonyms : unnameable, unspeakable, unutterable
    Examples :
    • the ineffable name of the Deity
  2. defying expression or description

    Synonyms : indefinable, indescribable, unspeakable, untellable, unutterable
    Examples :
    • ineffable ecstasy


  1. habitual intoxication; prolonged and excessive intake of alcoholic drinks leading to a breakdown in health and an addiction to alcohol such that abrupt deprivation leads to severe withdrawal symptoms

    Synonyms : alcohol addiction, alcoholism, drunkenness
    Type Of : drug addiction, white plague
  2. a temporary state resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol

    Synonyms : drunkenness, inebriety, insobriety, intoxication, tipsiness
    Type Of : temporary state


  1. tolerant or lenient

    Synonyms : lenient, soft
    Examples :
    • indulgent parents risk spoiling their children
  2. being favorably inclined

    Examples :
    • an indulgent attitude
  3. characterized by or given to yielding to the wishes of someone

    Antonyms : nonindulgent
    Examples :
    • indulgent grandparents


  1. someone who is drafted into military service

    Synonyms : conscript, draftee
    Type Of : military man, man, military personnel, serviceman
  2. a person inducted into an organization or social group

    Type Of : fellow member, member
    Examples :
    • Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth were 1936 inductees in the National Baseball Hall of Fame


  1. inactivity resulting from a dislike of work

    Synonyms : laziness
    Type Of : inactiveness, inactivity, inertia