1. promoting health; healthful

    Synonyms : good for you, salubrious
    Examples :
    • a healthy diet
    • clean healthy air
    • plenty of healthy sleep
    • healthy and normal outlets for youthful energy
  2. large in amount or extent or degree

    Synonyms : goodish, goodly, hefty, respectable, sizable, sizeable, tidy
  3. exercising or showing good judgment

    Synonyms : intelligent, level-headed, levelheaded, sound
    Examples :
    • healthy scepticism
    • a healthy fear of rattlesnakes
    • the healthy attitude of French laws
    • healthy relations between labor and management
  4. financially secure and functioning well

    Examples :
    • a healthy economy
  5. having or indicating good health in body or mind; free from infirmity or disease

    Antonyms : unhealthy
    Examples :
    • a rosy healthy baby
    • staying fit and healthy


  1. save up as for future use

    Synonyms : cache, hive up, lay away, squirrel away, stash
    Type Of : lay aside, save, save up
  2. get or gather together

    Synonyms : accumulate, amass, collect, compile, pile up, roll up
    Type Of : store, hive away, lay in, put in, salt away, stack away, stash away
  3. a secret store of valuables or money

    Synonyms : cache, stash
    Type Of : fund, stock, store


  1. having an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor)

    Synonyms : allergic, hypersensitised, hypersensitized, sensitised, sensitized, supersensitised, supersensitive, supersensitized
    Examples :
    • hypersensitive to pollen


  1. British writer noted for romantic adventure novels (1856-1925)

    Synonyms : rider haggard, sir henry rider haggard
  2. very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold

    Synonyms : cadaverous, emaciated, gaunt, pinched, skeletal, wasted
    Examples :
    • eyes were haggard and cavernous
  3. showing the wearing effects of overwork or care or suffering

    Synonyms : careworn, drawn, raddled, worn
    Examples :
    • her face was drawn and haggard from sleeplessness


  1. having an illustrious reputation; respected

    Synonyms : esteemed, prestigious


  1. conducted with or marked by hidden aims or methods

    Synonyms : clandestine, cloak-and-dagger, hole-and-corner, hush-hush, secret, surreptitious, undercover, underground
  2. in utter disorder

    Synonyms : disorderly, higgledy-piggledy, jumbled, topsy-turvy
  3. a state of confusion

    Type Of : confusion
    Examples :
    • he engaged in the hugger-mugger of international finance


  1. an estuary in central northeastern England formed by the Ouse River and the Trent River


  1. a work produced by hand labor

    Synonyms : handcraft, handicraft, handwork
    Type Of : piece of work, work


  1. in a heroic manner

    Examples :
    • he become reconciled to not dying heroically in her arms


  1. avoiding the company of other people; solitary.

    Examples :
    • he has been living a hermit-like existence on the outskirts of town