1. a ceremony at which a dead person is buried or cremated

    Synonyms : obsequy
    Type Of : ceremony, observance, ceremonial, ceremonial occasion
    Examples :
    • hundreds of people attended his funeral


  1. of or relating to or characteristic of feudalism

    Synonyms : feudalistic


  1. pass away rapidly

    Synonyms : fell, vanish
    Type Of : go by, slip by, glide by, elapse, slide by, go along, slip away, pass, lapse
  2. decrease rapidly and disappear

    Synonyms : vanish, vaporize
    Type Of : diminish, fall, decrease, lessen
  3. travel through the air; be airborne

    Synonyms : wing
    Type Of : locomote, go, move, travel
    Examples :
    • Man cannot fly
  4. run away quickly

    Synonyms : flee, take flight
    Type Of : run, turn tail, take to the woods, scat, scarper, run away, break away, bunk, escape, fly the coop, head for the hills, hightail it, lam
  5. flap consisting of a piece of canvas that can be drawn back to provide entrance to a tent

    Synonyms : fly sheet, rainfly, tent-fly, tent flap
    Type Of : flap
  6. operate an airplane

    Synonyms : aviate, pilot
    Type Of : control, operate
  7. an opening in a garment that is closed by a zipper or by buttons concealed under a fold of cloth

    Synonyms : fly front
    Type Of : opening
  8. (baseball) a hit that flies up in the air

    Synonyms : fly ball
    Type Of : hit, hitting, striking
  9. be dispersed or disseminated

    Type Of : go, locomote, move, travel
    Examples :
    • Rumors and accusations are flying
  10. cause to fly or float

    Examples :
    • fly a kite
  11. change quickly from one emotional state to another

    Type Of : change
    Examples :
    • fly into a rage
  12. display in the air or cause to float

    Type Of : show
    Examples :
    • fly a kite
    • All nations fly their flags in front of the U.N.
  13. fisherman's lure consisting of a fishhook decorated to look like an insect

    Type Of : fish lure, fisherman's lure
  14. hit a fly

    Type Of : hit
  15. move quickly or suddenly

    Type Of : move
  16. transport by aeroplane

    Type Of : transport, carry
    Examples :
    • We fly flowers from the Caribbean to North America
  17. travel in an airplane

    Type Of : travel
    Examples :
    • she is flying to Cincinnati tonight
    • Are we driving or flying?
  18. travel over (an area of land or sea) in an aircraft

    Type Of : travel, journey
    Examples :
    • Lindbergh was the first to fly the Atlantic
  19. two-winged insects characterized by active flight

    Type Of : dipterous insect, two-winged insects, dipteron, dipteran
  20. (British informal) not to be deceived or hoodwinked


  1. treat with fumes, expose to fumes, especially with the aim of disinfecting or eradicating pests

    Synonyms : fumigate
    Type Of : process, treat
  2. be wet with sweat or blood, as of one's face

    Synonyms : reek
    Type Of : exudate, exude, ooze, ooze out, transude
  3. a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas

    Synonyms : smoke
    Type Of : aerosol
  4. emit a cloud of fine particles

    Synonyms : smoke
    Type Of : emit, give off, give out
  5. be mad, angry, or furious

    Type Of : feel, experience


  1. distinctive and stylish elegance

    Synonyms : dash, elan, panache, style
    Type Of : elegance
  2. a shape that spreads outward

    Synonyms : flare
    Type Of : shape, form
  3. a natural talent

    Synonyms : genius
    Type Of : gift, endowment, natural endowment, talent
    Examples :
    • he has a flair for mathematics


  1. a statement made about the future

    Synonyms : foretelling, prediction, prognostication
    Type Of : statement


  1. sexual arousal or gratification resulting from handling a fetish (or a specific part of the body other than the sexual organs)

    Synonyms : fetichism
    Type Of : paraphilia
  2. a belief in the magical power of fetishes (or the worship of a fetish)

    Synonyms : fetichism
    Type Of : belief


  1. capable of being tested (verified or falsified) by experiment or observation

    Synonyms : confirmable, verifiable


  1. the experience of becoming familiar with something

    Synonyms : familiarisation
    Type Of : experience


  1. (geology) the geological features of the earth

    Synonyms : geological formation
    Type Of : object, physical object
  2. the act of forming or establishing something

    Synonyms : constitution, establishment, organisation, organization
    Type Of : beginning, commencement, start
  3. the act of fabricating something in a particular shape

    Synonyms : shaping
    Type Of : manufacture, manufacturing, fabrication
  4. an arrangement of people or things acting as a unit

    Type Of : arrangement
    Examples :
    • a defensive formation
    • a formation of planes
  5. a particular spatial arrangement

    Type Of : arrangement, placement
  6. creation by mental activity

    Type Of : creating by mental acts
    Examples :
    • the formation of sentences
    • the formation of memories
  7. natural process that causes something to form

    Type Of : action, natural action, natural process, activity
    Examples :
    • the formation of gas in the intestine
    • the formation of crystals
    • the formation of pseudopods