1. not serious in content or attitude or behavior

    Antonyms : serious
    Examples :
    • a frivolous novel
    • a frivolous remark
    • a frivolous young woman


  1. intended to deceive

    Synonyms : deceitful, fallacious
    Examples :
    • a fraudulent scheme to escape paying taxes


  1. stubbornly resistant to authority or control

    Synonyms : recalcitrant, refractory
    Examples :
    • a fractious animal that would not submit to the harness
  2. easily irritated or annoyed

    Synonyms : cranky, irritable, nettlesome, peckish, peevish, pettish, petulant, scratchy, techy, testy, tetchy
    Examples :
    • an incorrigibly fractious young man
  3. unpredictably difficult in operation; likely to be troublesome

    Examples :
    • rockets were much too fractious to be tested near thickly populated areas
    • fractious components of a communication system


  1. having no cause or apparent cause

    Synonyms : causeless, uncaused
    Examples :
    • fortuitous encounters--strange accidents of fortune
  2. occurring by happy chance

    Examples :
    • profits were enhanced by a fortuitous drop in the cost of raw materials


  1. strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage

    Type Of : bravery, courage, courageousness, natural virtue, braveness


  1. used or applied in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court of law

    Examples :
    • forensic photograph
    • forensic ballistics
  2. of, relating to, or used in public debate or argument


  1. a debtor who flees to avoid paying

    Type Of : debitor, debtor
  2. ephemeral

    Examples :
    • the symphony is no fly-by-night venture
  3. (of businesses and businessmen) untrustworthy or undependable

    Examples :
    • a fly-by-night operation


  1. thrown into a state of agitated confusion; (`rattled' is an informal term)

    Synonyms : hot and bothered, perturbed, rattled


  1. treat with contemptuous disregard

    Synonyms : scoff
    Type Of : brush aside, brush off, push aside, discount, dismiss, disregard, ignore
    Examples :
    • flout the rules
  2. laugh at with contempt and derision

    Synonyms : barrack, gibe, jeer, scoff
    Type Of : twit, razz, ride, tantalise, tantalize, taunt, tease, bait, cod, rag, rally


  1. showing inappropriate levity

    Synonyms : light-minded