1. remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line

    Synonyms : excise, scratch, strike
    Type Of : cancel, delete


  1. not clear to the understanding

    Synonyms : enigmatical, puzzling
    Examples :
    • I didn't grasp the meaning of that enigmatic comment until much later
    • prophetic texts so enigmatic that their meaning has been disputed for centuries
  2. resembling an oracle in obscurity of thought

    Synonyms : oracular
    Examples :
    • so enigmatic that priests might have to clarify it
    • an enigmatic smile


  1. secrets known only to an initiated minority

    Type Of : arcanum, secret


  1. furnish with an endowment

    Synonyms : dower
    Type Of : gift, give, present
  2. give qualities or abilities to

    Synonyms : empower, endue, gift, indue, invest
    Type Of : enable


  1. a defamatory or abusive word or phrase

    Synonyms : name
    Type Of : calumniation, calumny, defamation, hatchet job, obloquy, traducement
  2. descriptive word or phrase

    Type Of : word picture, word-painting, picture, characterisation, characterization, depiction, delineation


  1. capacity or power to produce a desired effect

    Synonyms : efficaciousness
    Antonyms : inefficacy
    Type Of : effectiveness, effectivity, effectuality, effectualness
    Examples :
    • concern about the safety and efficacy of the vaccine


  1. avoid and stay away from deliberately; stay clear of

    Synonyms : shun
    Type Of : avoid


  1. raise in a relief

    Synonyms : boss, stamp
    Type Of : impress, imprint
    Examples :
    • embossed stationery


  1. something to be imitated

    Synonyms : example, good example, model
    Type Of : ideal
    Examples :
    • an exemplar of success


  1. straying from the right course or from accepted standards

    Examples :
    • errant youngsters
  2. uncontrolled motion that is irregular or unpredictable

    Examples :
    • an errant breeze