1. enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering

    Synonyms : enclose, enfold, enwrap, wrap
    Type Of : cover
    Examples :
    • Fog enveloped the house


  1. a reference work (often in several volumes) containing articles on various topics (often arranged in alphabetical order) dealing with the entire range of human knowledge or with some particular specialty

    Synonyms : cyclopaedia, cyclopedia, encyclopaedia
    Type Of : book of facts, reference, reference book, reference work


  1. the state of being vulnerable or exposed

    Synonyms : vulnerability
    Type Of : danger
    Examples :
    • his exposure to ridicule
  2. a representation of a person or scene in the form of a print or transparent slide or in digital format

    Synonyms : photo, photograph, pic, picture
    Type Of : representation
  3. abandoning without shelter or protection (as by leaving an infant out in the open)

    Type Of : desertion, abandonment, forsaking
  4. aspect resulting from the direction a building or window faces

    Type Of : panorama, vista, aspect, view, scene, prospect
    Examples :
    • the studio had a northern exposure
  5. presentation to view in an open or public manner

    Type Of : presentment, demonstration, presentation
    Examples :
    • the exposure of his anger was shocking
  6. the act of exposing film to light

    Type Of : photography, picture taking
  7. the act of subjecting someone to an influencing experience

    Type Of : influence
    Examples :
    • she denounced the exposure of children to pornography
  8. the disclosure of something secret

    Type Of : disclosure, revealing, revelation
    Examples :
    • they feared exposure of their campaign plans
  9. the intensity of light falling on a photographic film or plate

    Type Of : light unit
    Examples :
    • he used the wrong exposure
  10. vulnerability to the elements; to the action of heat or cold or wind or rain

    Type Of : vulnerability
    Examples :
    • exposure to the weather
    • they died from exposure


  1. the act of expelling air from the lungs

    Synonyms : breathing out, exhalation
    Type Of : breath
  2. a coming to an end of a contract period

    Synonyms : expiry, termination
    Type Of : ending, end
  3. euphemistic expressions for death

    Synonyms : departure, exit, going, loss, passing, release
    Type Of : death, expiry, decease


  1. the persons (or committees or departments etc.) who make up a body for the purpose of administering something

    Synonyms : administration, brass, governance, governing body, organisation, organization
    Type Of : body
    Examples :
    • he quickly became recognized as a member of the establishment
  2. an organization founded and united for a specific purpose

    Synonyms : institution
    Type Of : organisation, organization
  3. the cognitive process of establishing a valid proof

    Synonyms : validation
    Type Of : proof, cogent evidence
  4. (ecology) the process by which a plant or animal becomes established in a new habitat

    Synonyms : ecesis
    Type Of : natural process, action, activity, natural action
  5. the act of forming or establishing something

    Synonyms : constitution, formation, organisation, organization
    Type Of : commencement, beginning, start
    Examples :
    • it was the establishment of his reputation
  6. any large organization

    Type Of : organisation, organization
  7. a public or private structure (business or governmental or educational) including buildings and equipment for business or residence

    Type Of : structure, construction


  1. call forth (emotions, feelings, and responses)

    Synonyms : arouse, elicit, enkindle, fire, kindle, provoke, raise
    Type Of : make, create
    Examples :
    • evoke sympathy
  2. summon into action or bring into existence, often as if by magic

    Synonyms : arouse, bring up, call down, call forth, conjure, conjure up, invoke, put forward, raise, stir
    Type Of : summon, call up
  3. evoke or provoke to appear or occur

    Synonyms : call forth, kick up, provoke
    Type Of : cause, make, do
  4. call to mind

    Synonyms : paint a picture, suggest
    Type Of : show, evince, express
    Examples :
    • this remark evoked sadness
  5. deduce (a principle) or construe (a meaning)

    Synonyms : draw out, educe, elicit, extract
    Type Of : see, construe, interpret


  1. the attitude that society should be governed by an elite group of individuals

    Type Of : ideology, political orientation, political theory


  1. a military campaign designed to achieve a specific objective in a foreign country

    Synonyms : hostile expedition, military expedition
    Type Of : campaign, military campaign
  2. a journey taken for pleasure

    Synonyms : excursion, jaunt, junket, outing, pleasure trip, sashay
    Type Of : journeying, journey
  3. the property of being prompt and efficient

    Synonyms : despatch, dispatch, expeditiousness
    Type Of : rapidity, quickness, speediness, celerity, rapidness
  4. a journey organized for a particular purpose

    Type Of : journeying, journey
  5. an organized group of people undertaking a journey for a particular purpose

    Type Of : working party, working group
    Examples :
    • an expedition was sent to explore Mars


  1. the act of exhorting; an earnest attempt at persuasion

    Synonyms : incitement
    Type Of : persuasion, suasion
  2. a communication intended to urge or persuade the recipients to take some action

    Type Of : communicating, communication


  1. the act of enrolling

    Synonyms : enrollment, registration
    Type Of : entering, entrance, entry, incoming, ingress