1. a negative aspect of something that is generally positive

    Type Of : side
    Examples :
    • there is a downside even to motherhood


  1. in a disturbing or embarrassing manner

    Examples :
    • he drank some sherry, his eyes disconcertingly keen as he watched her


  1. an amateur who engages in an activity without serious intentions and who pretends to have knowledge

    Synonyms : dilettante, sciolist
    Type Of : amateur
  2. any of numerous shallow-water ducks that feed by upending and dabbling

    Synonyms : dabbling duck
    Type Of : duck


  1. as if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise

    Synonyms : dumbfounded, dumbstricken, dumfounded, flabbergasted, stupefied, thunderstruck


  1. a group of representatives or delegates

    Synonyms : commission, delegacy, deputation, mission
    Type Of : organisation, organization
  2. authorizing subordinates to make certain decisions

    Synonyms : delegating, deputation, relegating, relegation
    Type Of : authorisation, authorization, empowerment


  1. an unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest

    Synonyms : licking
    Antonyms : victory
    Type Of : ending, failure, finish, conclusion
    Examples :
    • it was a narrow defeat
    • the army's only defeat
  2. the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwarted in attaining your goals

    Synonyms : frustration
    Type Of : disappointment, letdown
  3. win a victory over

    Synonyms : get the better of, overcome
    Examples :
    • defeat your enemies
  4. thwart the passage of

    Synonyms : kill, shoot down, vote down, vote out
    Type Of : negative, veto, blackball


  1. (statistics) an arrangement of values of a variable showing their observed or theoretical frequency of occurrence

    Synonyms : statistical distribution
    Type Of : organization, organisation, arrangement, system
  2. the spatial or geographic property of being scattered about over a range, area, or volume

    Synonyms : dispersion
    Antonyms : concentration
    Type Of : spacing, spatial arrangement
    Examples :
    • worldwide in distribution
    • the distribution of nerve fibers
    • in complementary distribution
  3. the act of distributing or spreading or apportioning

    Type Of : human action, human activity, act, deed
  4. the commercial activity of transporting and selling goods from a producer to a consumer

    Type Of : commerce, mercantilism, commercialism


  1. become weaker

    Synonyms : fade away, fade out
    Type Of : turn, change state
  2. cause to go into a solution

    Synonyms : break up, resolve
    Type Of : change integrity
    Examples :
    • The recipe says that we should dissolve a cup of sugar in two cups of water
  3. become or cause to become soft or liquid

    Synonyms : dethaw, melt, thaw, unfreeze, unthaw
    Type Of : liquefy, liquify, flux
    Examples :
    • The giant iceberg dissolved over the years during the global warming phase
  4. bring the association of to an end or cause to break up

    Synonyms : break up
    Type Of : end, terminate
    Examples :
    • The decree officially dissolved the marriage
    • the judge dissolved the tobacco company
  5. come to an end

    Synonyms : break up
    Type Of : end, terminate
    Examples :
    • Their marriage dissolved
  6. declare void

    Synonyms : dismiss
    Type Of : alter, modify, change
    Examples :
    • The President dissolved the parliament and called for new elections
  7. stop functioning or cohering as a unit

    Synonyms : disband
    Type Of : break up
    Examples :
    • The political wing of the party dissolved after much internal fighting
  8. cause to fade away

    Type Of : alter, change, modify
    Examples :
    • dissolve a shot or a picture
  9. cause to lose control emotionally

    Type Of : upset, discomfit, discompose, disconcert, untune
    Examples :
    • The news dissolved her into tears
  10. (film) a gradual transition from one scene to the next; the next scene is gradually superimposed as the former scene fades out

    Type Of : transition
  11. lose control emotionally

    Type Of : snap, lose it, break down
    Examples :
    • She dissolved into tears when she heard that she had lost all her savings in the pyramid scheme
  12. pass into a solution

    Type Of : disintegrate
    Examples :
    • The sugar quickly dissolved in the coffee


  1. the property of enduring or continuing in time

    Synonyms : continuance
    Type Of : time
  2. continuance in time

    Synonyms : length
    Type Of : temporal property
    Examples :
    • the ceremony was of short duration
  3. the period of time during which something continues

    Synonyms : continuance
    Type Of : period of time, time period, period


  1. desert (a cause, a country or an army), often in order to join the opposing cause, country, or army

    Synonyms : desert
    Type Of : take flight, flee, fly
  2. a mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something (especially on a person's body)

    Synonyms : blemish, mar
    Type Of : appearance, visual aspect
  3. an imperfection in an object or machine

    Synonyms : fault, flaw
    Type Of : imperfection, imperfectness
    Examples :
    • if there are any defects you should send it back to the manufacturer
  4. a failing or deficiency

    Synonyms : shortcoming
    Type Of : disadvantage
    Examples :
    • that interpretation is an unfortunate defect of our lack of information
  5. an imperfection in a bodily system

    Type Of : imperfection, imperfectness
    Examples :
    • visual defects
    • this device permits detection of defects in the lungs