1. not fixed in position

    Synonyms : free
    Examples :
    • the detached shutter fell on him
  2. being or feeling set or kept apart from others

    Synonyms : isolated, separated, set-apart
    Examples :
    • she felt detached from the group
  3. no longer connected or joined

    Synonyms : separated
    Examples :
    • a detached part
    • on one side of the island was a hugh rock, almost detached
  4. lacking affection or warm feeling

    Synonyms : unaffectionate, uncaring
  5. showing lack of emotional involvement

    Synonyms : degage, uninvolved
    Examples :
    • she may be detached or even unfeeling but at least she's not hypocritically effusive
  6. used of buildings; standing apart from others

    Antonyms : attached
    Examples :
    • detached houses
    • a detached garage


  1. a determining or causal element or factor

    Synonyms : causal factor, determinative, determiner, determining factor
    Type Of : cognitive factor
    Examples :
    • education is an important determinant of one's outlook on life
  2. the site on the surface of an antigen molecule to which an antibody attaches itself

    Synonyms : antigenic determinant, epitope
    Type Of : site, situation
  3. having the power or quality of deciding

    Synonyms : deciding, determinative, determining
    Examples :
    • the determinative (or determinant) battle
  4. a square matrix used to solve simultaneous equations

    Type Of : square matrix


  1. mar or spoil the appearance of

    Synonyms : blemish, deface
    Type Of : deflower, impair, mar, spoil, vitiate
    Examples :
    • The vandals disfigured the statue


  1. so badly formed or out of shape as to be ugly

    Synonyms : distorted, ill-shapen, malformed, misshapen
    Examples :
    • deformed thalidomide babies


  1. representing or appealing to or adapted for the benefit of the people at large

    Synonyms : popular
    Examples :
    • democratic art forms
    • a democratic or popular movement
  2. characterized by or advocating or based upon the principles of democracy or social equality

    Antonyms : undemocratic
    Examples :
    • democratic government
    • a democratic country
    • a democratic scorn for bloated dukes and lords
  3. belong to or relating to the Democratic Party


  1. continually changing especially as from one abode or occupation to another

    Synonyms : aimless, floating, vagabond, vagrant
    Examples :
    • a drifting double-dealer
  2. aimless wandering from place to place

    Type Of : roving, vagabondage, wandering


  1. nonperformance of something distasteful (as by deceit or trickery) that you are supposed to do

    Synonyms : escape, evasion
    Type Of : negligence, nonperformance, carelessness, neglect
  2. deliberately avoiding; keeping away from or preventing from happening

    Synonyms : avoidance, shunning, turning away
    Type Of : rejection
  3. a statement that evades the question by cleverness or trickery

    Synonyms : dodge, scheme
    Type Of : untruth, falsity, falsehood


  1. with diligence; in a diligent manner

    Examples :
    • we may diligently observe the Lord's supper on the first day of the week, diligently preach the gospel, or minister to the saint


  1. true confidential information

    Synonyms : inside information
    Type Of : info, information
    Examples :
    • after the trial he gave us the real details


  1. an amount or percentage deducted

    Synonyms : deduction
    Type Of : allowance, adjustment
  2. interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan

    Synonyms : bank discount, discount rate
    Type Of : rate of interest, interest rate
  3. a refund of some fraction of the amount paid

    Synonyms : rebate
    Type Of : refund
  4. bar from attention or consideration

    Synonyms : brush aside, brush off, dismiss, disregard, ignore, push aside
    Type Of : reject
  5. the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise

    Synonyms : deduction, price reduction
    Type Of : diminution, decrease, step-down, reduction
  6. give a reduction in price on

    Type Of : mark down
    Examples :
    • I never discount these books-they sell like hot cakes