1. compete for something; engage in a contest; measure oneself against others

    Synonyms : contend, vie


  1. in a relative manner; by comparison to something else

    Synonyms : relatively


  1. sufficiently fat so as to have a pleasing fullness of figure

    Synonyms : embonpoint, plump
    Examples :
    • a chubby child


  1. orchid growing along streams or ponds of western North America having leafy stems and 1 greenish-brown and pinkish flower in the axil of each upper leaf

    Synonyms : epipactis gigantea, giant helleborine, stream orchid
    Type Of : helleborine
  2. an obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker

    Synonyms : babbler, chatterer, magpie, prater, spouter
    Type Of : verbalizer, talker, utterer, verbaliser, speaker


  1. either of the two large fleshy masses of muscular tissue that form the human rump

    Synonyms : buttock
    Type Of : body part
  2. an impudent statement

    Synonyms : impertinence, impudence
    Type Of : disrespect, discourtesy
  3. impudent aggressiveness

    Synonyms : boldness, brass, face, nerve
    Type Of : aggressiveness
  4. either side of the face below the eyes

    Type Of : lineament, feature
  5. speak impudently to

    Type Of : speak, talk


  1. a person who dissents from some established policy

    Synonyms : dissenter, dissident, objector, protester
    Type Of : person, somebody, someone, soul, individual, mortal
  2. a person who participates in competitions

    Type Of : mortal, individual, soul, somebody, person, someone


  1. a professional performer who tells jokes and performs comical acts

    Synonyms : comic
    Type Of : performer, performing artist
  2. an actor in a comedy

    Type Of : player, actor, histrion, thespian, role player


  1. for which money has been paid

    Examples :
    • a cashed check


  1. a car driven by a person whose job is to take passengers where they want to go in exchange for money

    Synonyms : hack, taxi, taxicab
    Type Of : car, automobile, motorcar, auto, machine
  2. small two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; with two seats and a folding hood

    Synonyms : cabriolet
    Type Of : equipage, rig, carriage
  3. ride in a taxicab

    Synonyms : taxi
    Type Of : ride
  4. a compartment at the front of a motor vehicle or locomotive where driver sits

    Type Of : compartment


  1. a threadlike strand of DNA in the cell nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order

    Type Of : body
    Examples :
    • humans have 22 chromosome pairs plus two sex chromosomes