1. according with custom or propriety

    Synonyms : comely, comme il faut, decorous, seemly
    Examples :
    • her becoming modesty
  2. displaying or setting off to best advantage

    Examples :
    • a becoming new shade of rose
    • a becoming portrait


  1. marked by utter benignity; resembling or befitting an angel or saint

    Synonyms : angelic, angelical, sainted, saintlike, saintly
    Examples :
    • a beatific smile
  2. experiencing or bestowing celestial joy

    Examples :
    • beatific peace


  1. providing no shelter or sustenance

    Synonyms : bare, barren, desolate, stark
    Examples :
    • the bleak treeless regions of the high Andes
  2. offering little or no hope

    Synonyms : black, dim
    Examples :
    • prospects were bleak
    • Life in the Aran Islands has always been bleak and difficult
  3. unpleasantly cold and damp

    Synonyms : cutting, raw
    Examples :
    • bleak winds of the North Atlantic


  1. unrestrained by convention or propriety

    Synonyms : audacious, bald-faced, barefaced, bodacious, brassy, brazen-faced, insolent
    Examples :
    • brazen arrogance
  2. face with defiance or impudence

    Type Of : dare, defy
    Examples :
    • brazen it out
  3. made of or resembling brass (as in color or hardness)


  1. lacking physical movement skills, especially with the hands

    Synonyms : bungling, butterfingered, ham-fisted, ham-handed, handless, heavy-handed, left-handed
    Examples :
    • a bumbling mechanic


  1. a short poem descriptive of rural or pastoral life

    Synonyms : eclogue, idyl, idyll
    Type Of : pastoral
  2. a country person

    Synonyms : peasant, provincial
    Type Of : rustic
  3. (used with regard to idealized country life) idyllically rustic

    Synonyms : arcadian, pastoral
    Examples :
    • a pleasant bucolic scene
  4. relating to shepherds or herdsmen or devoted to raising sheep or cattle

    Synonyms : pastoral


  1. a structural member used to stiffen a framework

    Synonyms : bracing
    Type Of : reinforcement, strengthener, structural member
  2. a set of two similar things considered as a unit

    Synonyms : pair
    Type Of : set
  3. prepare (oneself) for something unpleasant or difficult

    Synonyms : poise
    Type Of : ready, gear up, set up, prepare, set, fix
  4. a carpenter's tool having a crank handle for turning and a socket to hold a bit for boring

    Synonyms : bitstock
    Type Of : stock
  5. two items of the same kind

    Synonyms : couple, couplet, distich, duad, duet, duo, dyad, pair, span, twain, twosome, yoke
    Type Of : two, ii, deuce, 2
  6. an appliance that corrects dental irregularities

    Synonyms : braces, orthodontic braces
    Type Of : dental appliance
  7. elastic straps that hold trousers up (usually used in the plural)

    Synonyms : gallus, suspender
    Type Of : man's clothing
  8. cause to be alert and energetic

    Synonyms : arouse, energise, energize, perk up, stimulate
    Type Of : affect
  9. support or hold steady and make steadfast, with or as if with a brace

    Synonyms : stabilise, stabilize, steady
    Type Of : beef up, strengthen, fortify
    Examples :
    • brace your elbows while working on the potter's wheel
  10. a rope on a square-rigged ship that is used to swing a yard about and secure it

    Type Of : rope
  11. a support that steadies or strengthens something else

    Type Of : support, strengthener, reinforcement
    Examples :
    • he wore a brace on his knee
  12. either of two punctuation marks ({ or }) used to enclose textual material

    Type Of : punctuation, punctuation mark
  13. support by bracing

    Type Of : hold, sustain, support, hold up


  1. semisolid preparation (usually containing a medicine) applied externally as a remedy or for soothing an irritation

    Synonyms : ointment, salve, unction, unguent
    Type Of : curative, therapeutic, cure, remedy
  2. any of various aromatic resinous substances used for healing and soothing

    Type Of : balsam


  1. the rapid and continuous delivery of linguistic communication (spoken or written)

    Synonyms : bombardment, onslaught, outpouring
    Type Of : language, linguistic communication
    Examples :
    • a barrage of questions
  2. the heavy fire of artillery to saturate an area rather than hit a specific target

    Synonyms : barrage fire, battery, bombardment, shelling
    Type Of : firing, fire
    Examples :
    • they laid down a barrage in front of the advancing troops
  3. address with continuously or persistently, as if with a barrage

    Synonyms : bombard
    Type Of : snipe, assault, attack, lash out, round, assail
    Examples :
    • The speaker was barraged by an angry audience


  1. put up with something or somebody unpleasant

    Synonyms : abide, bear, digest, endure, put up, stand, stick out, stomach, suffer, support, tolerate
    Type Of : allow, countenance, permit, let
  2. a natural stream of water smaller than a river (and often a tributary of a river)

    Synonyms : creek
    Type Of : watercourse, stream