1. pain that feels hot as if it were on fire

    Synonyms : burning
    Type Of : pain, hurting
  2. undergo combustion

    Synonyms : combust
    Type Of : change state, turn
    Examples :
    • Maple wood burns well
  3. use up (energy)

    Synonyms : burn off, burn up
    Type Of : consume, eat, eat up, use up, wipe out, exhaust, deplete, run through
    Examples :
    • burn off calories through vigorous exercise
  4. get a sunburn by overexposure to the sun

    Synonyms : sunburn
    Type Of : discolor, color, colour, discolour
  5. cause to undergo combustion

    Synonyms : incinerate
    Type Of : change integrity
    Examples :
    • burn garbage
    • The car burns only Diesel oil
  6. shine intensely, as if with heat

    Synonyms : glow
    Type Of : shine, beam
    Examples :
    • The candles were burning
  7. a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun

    Synonyms : sunburn, suntan, tan
    Type Of : hyperpigmentation
  8. cause to burn or combust

    Synonyms : combust
    Examples :
    • The sun burned off the fog
  9. cause a sharp or stinging pain or discomfort

    Synonyms : bite, sting
    Type Of : smart, ache, hurt
    Examples :
    • The sun burned his face
  10. burn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent

    Synonyms : cauterise, cauterize
    Type Of : care for, treat
  11. a place or area that has been burned (especially on a person's body)

    Synonyms : burn mark
    Type Of : defect, mar, blemish
  12. create by duplicating data

    Synonyms : cut
    Type Of : create, produce, make
    Examples :
    • burn a CD
  13. destroy by fire

    Synonyms : burn down, fire
    Type Of : ruin, destroy
    Examples :
    • They burned the house and his diaries
  14. an injury caused by exposure to heat or chemicals or radiation

    Type Of : injury, harm, hurt, trauma
  15. damage by burning with heat, fire, or radiation

    Type Of : damage
    Examples :
    • The iron burnt a hole in my dress
  16. damage inflicted by fire

    Type Of : harm, damage, scathe, hurt
  17. execute by tying to a stake and setting alight

    Type Of : put to death, execute
    Examples :
    • Witches were burned in Salem
  18. feel hot or painful

    Type Of : hurt, ache, smart
    Examples :
    • My eyes are burning
  19. feel strong emotion, especially anger or passion

    Type Of : experience, feel
    Examples :
    • She was burning with anger
    • He was burning to try out his new skies
  20. spend (significant amounts of money)

    Type Of : waste, blow, squander
    Examples :
    • He has money to burn


  1. a male human offspring

    Synonyms : son
    Antonyms : girl
    Type Of : male offspring, man-child
    Examples :
    • his boy is taller than he is
  2. a youthful male person

    Synonyms : male child
    Antonyms : girl
    Type Of : male, male person
    Examples :
    • the baby was a boy
    • she made the boy brush his teeth every night
    • most soldiers are only boys in uniform
  3. a friendly informal reference to a grown man

    Type Of : man, adult male
    Examples :
    • he likes to play golf with the boys


  1. favoring one person or side over another

    Synonyms : colored, coloured, one-sided, slanted
    Examples :
    • a biased account of the trial


  1. a cruelly rapacious person

    Synonyms : brute, savage, wildcat, wolf
    Type Of : assaulter, aggressor, attacker, assailant
  2. a living organism characterized by voluntary movement

    Synonyms : animal, animate being, brute, creature, fauna
    Type Of : organism, being


  1. (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering

    Synonyms : barbarous, cruel, fell, roughshod, savage, vicious
    Examples :
    • brutal beatings
  2. punishingly harsh

    Synonyms : unrelenting
    Examples :
    • the brutal summer sun
    • a brutal winter
  3. resembling a beast; showing lack of human sensibility

    Synonyms : beastly, bestial, brute, brutish
  4. disagreeably direct and precise

    Examples :
    • he spoke with brutal honesty


  1. confusion resulting from failure to understand

    Synonyms : bafflement, befuddlement, bemusement, mystification, obfuscation, puzzlement
    Type Of : confusedness, confusion, disarray, mental confusion, muddiness


  1. an act that debases or corrupts

    Synonyms : bastardisation
    Type Of : debasement, degradation
  2. declaring or rendering bastard

    Type Of : declaration
    Examples :
    • the annulment of their marriage resulted in the bastardization of their children


  1. unhappy in love; suffering from unrequited love

    Synonyms : lovelorn, unbeloved
  2. sorrowful through loss or deprivation

    Synonyms : bereaved, grief-stricken, grieving, mourning, sorrowing
    Examples :
    • bereft of hope


  1. the act of restraining power or action or limiting excess

    Synonyms : check, curb
    Type Of : restraint
    Examples :
    • his common sense is a bridle to his quick temper
  2. anger or take offense

    Type Of : see red, anger
    Examples :
    • She bridled at his suggestion to elope
  3. headgear for a horse; includes a headstall and bit and reins to give the rider or driver control

    Type Of : headgear
  4. put a bridle on

    Antonyms : unbridle
    Type Of : encumber, cumber, restrain
    Examples :
    • bridle horses
  5. respond to the reins, as of horses

    Type Of : respond, reply, answer


  1. a trite or obvious remark

    Synonyms : banality, cliche, commonplace, platitude
    Type Of : truism, input, remark, comment
  2. any of the salts of hydrobromic acid; formerly used as a sedative but now generally replaced by safer drugs

    Type Of : halide