1. a feeling of ill will arousing active hostility

    Synonyms : animus, bad blood
    Type Of : enmity, hostility, ill will


  1. short account of an incident (especially a biographical one)

    Type Of : account, report


  1. a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government)

    Synonyms : lawlessness
    Type Of : disorder


  1. similar or equivalent in some respects though otherwise dissimilar

    Synonyms : correspondent
    Examples :
    • brains and computers are often considered analogous
    • salmon roe is marketed as analogous to caviar
  2. corresponding in function but not in evolutionary origin

    Antonyms : heterologous, homologous
    Examples :
    • the wings of a bee and those of a hummingbird are analogous


  1. a medicine used to relieve pain

    Synonyms : anodyne, pain pill, painkiller
    Type Of : medication, medicinal drug, medicine, medicament
  2. capable of relieving pain

    Synonyms : analgetic, anodyne
    Examples :
    • an analgesic effect


  1. having no definite form or distinct shape

    Synonyms : formless, shapeless
    Examples :
    • amorphous clouds of insects
  2. without real or apparent crystalline form

    Synonyms : uncrystallised, uncrystallized
    Examples :
    • an amorphous mineral
    • amorphous structure
  3. lacking the system or structure characteristic of living bodies

    Synonyms : unstructured
  4. (of a group of people or an organization) unorganized or unfocused

    Examples :
    • A mob is an amorphous crowd of people without ideals, a sum of individuals in which each lives for himself
  5. unclear because vague or badly organized

    Examples :
    • Her vague, amorphous statement of her predicament was part of what made it so hard for her to solve it


  1. a cordial disposition

    Synonyms : cordiality
    Type Of : friendliness
  2. a state of friendship and cordiality

    Type Of : peace


  1. disposed to please

    Synonyms : good-humored, good-humoured
    Examples :
    • an amiable villain with a cocky sidelong grin
  2. diffusing warmth and friendliness

    Synonyms : affable, cordial, genial
    Examples :
    • an amiable gathering


  1. the act of relieving ills and changing for the better

    Synonyms : betterment, melioration
    Type Of : improvement


  1. get better

    Synonyms : better, improve, meliorate
    Type Of : turn, change state
  2. to make better

    Synonyms : amend, better, improve, meliorate
    Type Of : alter, modify, change