1. a mechanism that puts something into automatic action

    Type Of : mechanism


  1. the process of adapting to something (such as environmental conditions)

    Synonyms : adaption, adjustment
    Type Of : organic process, biological process
  2. a written work (as a novel) that has been recast in a new form

    Synonyms : version
    Type Of : written material, piece of writing, writing
    Examples :
    • the play is an adaptation of a short novel
  3. (physiology) the responsive adjustment of a sense organ (as the eye) to varying conditions (as of light)

    Type Of : alteration, adjustment, modification


  1. the process of adapting to something (such as environmental conditions)

    Synonyms : adaptation, adjustment
    Type Of : biological process, organic process


  1. a person who acts and gets things done

    Synonyms : doer, worker
    Type Of : someone, individual, somebody, mortal, person, soul
    Examples :
    • he's a principal actor in this affair
  2. a theatrical performer

    Synonyms : histrion, player, role player, thespian
    Type Of : performing artist, performer


  1. (Arabic) a loose black robe from head to toe; traditionally worn by Muslim women

    Type Of : robe


  1. being the one previously mentioned or spoken of

    Synonyms : aforesaid, said
    Examples :
    • works of all the aforementioned authors


  1. state categorically

    Synonyms : asseverate, maintain
    Type Of : take a firm stand, insist
  2. insist on having one's opinions and rights recognized

    Synonyms : put forward
    Type Of : acquit, bear, deport, behave, conduct, carry, comport
    Examples :
    • Women should assert themselves more!
  3. to declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true

    Synonyms : affirm, aver, avow, swan, swear, verify
    Type Of : declare
  4. postulate positively and assertively

    Synonyms : insist
    Type Of : postulate, posit
    Examples :
    • The letter asserts a free society


  1. stimulating sexual desire

    Synonyms : aphrodisiacal, sexy
    Antonyms : anaphrodisiac
  2. a drug or other agent that stimulates sexual desire

    Type Of : excitant, stimulant, stimulant drug


  1. in a random manner

    Synonyms : at random, every which way, haphazardly, indiscriminately, randomly, willy-nilly


  1. one who estimates officially the worth or value or quality of things

    Synonyms : valuator
    Type Of : evaluator, judge
  2. one who determines authenticity (as of works of art) or who guarantees validity

    Synonyms : authenticator
    Type Of : critic